Thursday, April 30, 2009

the suspense builds

There is so much to tell you, I’m not exactly sure where to startso I’ll start with the Haynay Hunnies! I received at TON of applications from very talented scrappers! I was absolutely amazed, and humbled, to receive all of the apps! I know everyone says this, but it is really one of the very hardest decisions ever. But, nevertheless, I am here to make the announcement of the ladies that will be joining the other gals as Haynay Hunnies!

You are all going to be amazed at the Los these gals put together for tomorrow’s releases! (Yes, that was pluralthat means more than one!?!?!)

I've gotta tell you. I've been working my tail off getting ready for this weekend! [inter] National Scrapbook Day is Saturday! SM has some serious stuff planned...please see a couple of posts down for the ad! Let me just say this... speed scraps, prizes, and grab bags oh my! And SO much more!?!? Go check out the forum at Scrapmatters to learn even more...and don't forget the Queen of Scraps competition!? Too fun!

I’ll be hosting a Speed scrap on Saturday, May 2 at 3 pm. I have an alpha as my participation prizeyou are going to love it! Are you ready? Here it is!

Okay, in addition, I’ve decided to give you a sneak peak at my new releases for tomorrow. I have one kit (not in the grab bag). I worked super hard on it as I had several requests for it and am very pleased with how it turned out! And, the second is my NDS grab bag. It is full of goodies! I cannot even tell you how much I love this grab bag! (I’ve already used it for 3 Los and had to make myself stop playing last night to watch Lost!) So, without further ado

And, for the last thing I shall write in Aprilthe best month of the yearHeather (tuttle) has made another desktop calendar for you! She was kind enough to use the grab bag so that you can have a teaser!!!

How cute is it!?!? Click on this link to download that fabulous desktop! I hope you all have a wonderful, fabulous day! Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for my new releases and another freebie (ssshhhh, it’s a secret ;) and then again on Saturday for a stop on the Scrapmatters’ blog train! Too fun! It’s going to be an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Weekend in Big D!

OMGoodness! My family had so much fun visiting Syl in Dallas! Syl is one our very best friends. She and Heath went to med school together...we've had many many wonderful, and not so wonderful, times with Syl! She was one of the first to meet M at the hospital when she was born...she brought me sweet potato fries...YUM!! What a good friend! We hadn't seen her since they graduated in 2006! So, when she told us that she was coming to Dallas for a conference...we were SO there!?!?!
I did my best to plan a weekend, Texas Style!!! I should mention...Syl is Canadian. Actually, she has a duel citizenship: Canada/Portugal. She's quite amazing if you ask me! It was Syl that introduced me to the true meaning of recycling/composting...which I totally do not compost. Anyway...we had the best reunion!
After her flight landed, she and Martina (they are both chief residents in Internal Medicine at SUNY - State U of New York - in Brooklyn) met us at Trail Dust Steakhouse. We were letting the kids play on the slide and dance! Then Saturday, I made sure we shopped and ate Tex-Mex for lunch. OMG, I love TEX MEX!!! That night we headed to Billy Bobs with the other 4 watch bull riding. We were a bit disappointed, but still had a rather good time! Sunday we ate brunch in Reunion Tower overlooking Big D, visited the Sixth Floor Museum, and the Dallas Zoo. It was a whirlwind weekend, so tiring, but SO FUN!!!
Here are some pictures that chronicle our adventures!

Are you the Queen of Scraps?

Are you? If need to enter the competition!?!?

You'll get this awesome collab from the designers at SM just for participating!

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Announcement!

Hey all! Just wanted to put this out there! It's been a super busy week/weekend...obviously since it's been forever since I've blogged! i'll be back later today or tomorrow to catch up! But for's gonna be awesome!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick Call: ends Sunday April 26

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and have decided that I want to expand my CT: Haynay's Hunnies! If you like my designs and are passionate about digital scrapbooking, then please apply!
If you are interested in becoming a Haynay Hunnie, please email me at hhaynay at gmail dot com. In the subject line, please put "Haynay Hunnie Call." Include a link to your most complete gallery, your favorite 2-3 LOs, and a short bio to tell me about yourself.

The call ends on Sunday, April 26 at midnight central time. I hope YOU apply!?!?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Okay, so I finally did, not that! I've been on facebook for a while, but I finally made a page for Haynay Designs! If you are on facebook and want to become a fan...would love to have you!?!?!?

A Special Coupon!

So, this is hands down my favorite time of the year...I love Christmas, that's a given, so I don't include that when I say this! It's the end of tax season (my dad is an accountant so we loved it when TS was over!); baseball; flowers and beautiful weather; and, my birthday!!! my birthday is tomorrow, and I love celebrating it!?!? Woo Hoo!! I turn the big 3-5 and just cannot believe it! I don't feel that old! I truthfully still feel 20! But, nonetheless, that is how old I am. Wow.

Today is the new release day at SM. There are some amazing new things being put out today...make sure you check them out! My SS yesterday was a success. And, I've decided to release my new tags today since I've gotten some positive feedback on them!

Here are some pages that Erin made using the tags!
{with Fall Splendor, the FS Pumpkin Add-on, and Behind the Dating Glass}

{with Triple Play Sports Pack.}

And, here is what I made with one of the tags!

HE he! I'm having a sale...this weekend ONLY! In celebration of my 35th birthday, if you spend $3.50, you will get 35% off! Just enter the coupon code 35th>bday! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speed Scrap!

I just finished the SS tonight at SM. Andrea did an awesome is my LO.

Don't forget that I'm hosting one tomorrow!!?!

Here is the Participation Prize!

Hope to see you there! I'm off to watch Lost!?!? Woo Hoo! I love Wednesdays!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun stuff

I've had a fun weekend/day!

After eating larry's pizza, the kids and I went to see Hannah Montana: the Movie...and, it was pretty good! I actually enjoyed it a lot! I even bought a song from the album today on iTunes! Ssshhhh, don't tell! :)

Saturday night, we went to the local AA baseball game. The Arkansas Travelers are part of the Angel's organization. OMG, you know my family loves baseball...and we had SO much fun!!! I need to scrap a couple of the pictures with my new kit...that way you can see how much fun we had! Oh, the kids also got a foul ball...and then fought over who was going to hold i did! :)

Sunday, we went to church. We saw H's best friend get his dad. Can i just say tears! So special. Anyway, then we took lunch to Heath at the hospital...we might do this another time or two...we had a good time and got to see him in the middle of a long 12 hour shift! Came home, dyed eggs, did Easter baskets, took a nap, and made a yummy dinner (steak and sweet potatoes!)

So, today, my goal was to design all day...and I totally did! I finally got some mojo on a new kit I'm working on...let me just say, SO many people have requested it. Hint: it has something to do with my hubby's profession! he he! My CT has helped me SO much! I seriously was at an roadblock...couldn't think of anything, and they totally held my hand through it all! Haynay ladies rock!

I did a couple of LOs the past couple of days too. They were both for challenges at SM.

This was for last week's Tuesday Template challenge.


And, this was for last week's Grand Theft LO.


I'm really trying to do more challenges...that way I get more pics scrapped! Oh, speaking of...our remaining Design Stars are hosting their own challenges this week. Each of them has a participation prize...go HERE to check them out!! They rock!

And, one last thing! Andrea (Chia) is hosting a SS on Wednesday at 8 pm Central. I'm doing a daytime one on Thursday at 11 am Central! I have a new tag element pack as the PP! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you Game?

Hey all! I have a freebie for you again today! Brenda Smith, Tater, Wendy, and I collab this past February to bring the Daily Download to SM: "Game for Anything!" If you, or someone in your family, is a game, this kit is for you!!! Even if you aren't into video games, there are SO many wonderful elements and papers in this kit that will make fabulous pages! Click the preview to go to the store!

Here are a couple of LOs that the ScrapMatter's CT did with this fabulous kit!



People have been asking when and where they can buy this fabulous kit...and now you can! We released it yesterday into the SM shop. And, as a celebration, I am giving you this fun QP made with the kit!!!

Download here!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! May God bless you and may you know His love for you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Run Derby and a freebie

My life right now consists of baseball and t-ball. Fun stuff. Good thing that I love baseball; I always have really. So when the time came that the season started this year, I couldn't wait to make a baseball kit! So fun!

Today I introduce my newest addition to my sports collection: "Home Run Derby"!!! Click here to go directly to it in my store!

This kit also coordinates with "Football Fanatic" and "Hoop It Up"! If you haven't bought any of these kits, this is the pack you need! You can buy the "Triple Play Sports Pack" here!

The Haynay Hunnies have done some awesome layouts with "Home Run Derby": (Keep going, there is a freebie later!)

Erin: (Who used a template from 3's Company Template Pack and shows these kits can be used for any general LO too!)Mary: (who also used some items from Hoop It Up and Be Still My Heart alpha!)
KristenAnd, here are two I've made...and have SO many more pictures to do with it!

A while back, I made this alpha pack as a Participation Prize for a Speed Scrap. I am finally putting "It's In the Cards: Alpha" in the store today!
I've used this in a LO I did for "Everyday Matter's Challenge" of recent pictures. This was taken while I was in NYC last week at the huge Apple Store. So fun!

And, now for your freebie! I hope you enjoy this little add-on that matches "Home Run Derby!" Don't forget to be kind and show me your appreciation by saying thanks! Click the preview to download!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Speed Scrap Reminder

Hey all! I just wanted to put out there that Mary is hosting a SS at SM today!
How cute is this Participation Prize! Hope you can make it...I, sadly, won't be able to make it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, to bed soon

Did you know my flight was cancelled due to weather Friday? Yeah, I stayed in NYC for another 24 hours...which was just fine b/c I got to stay with my good friend Tracey. (She's the mom of my sweet Godson, Adam!) We stayed up late (Tracey, Darryl, and I) having so much fun, drinkin' some wine, and playing music! Plus, Darryl fixed Daisy! Who knew that my user profile was corrupt! (okay, he did) I was SO afraid I was going to have to get a new computer, and SO did not want to do that...I owe the gov't some taxes and needed that money to pay them! :) She's running like a issues at all for 5 days! Woo Hoo!
Oh, so I get home Saturday night, JUST in time to see H play a game. He rocked it!!! Seriously, one of the best I've seen him play! He tagged someone out at the plate to prevent a home run...he was even tackled and held on to the ball! Then, he hit the game winning hit (putting someone into position to score on a stolen base the next play!) He was riding on Cloud 9 Saturday night! I love watching him and cheering him on. So fun!!!
I've been designing like crazy! I can't wait to show you all my new kit...releasing on Friday! (remember SM has gone to a site-wide release day.) I have already done two pages with it and have like 5 more that I need to use it for! Hello!
After M's t-ball practice tonight, I came home, put the kids in the shower, and started a speed scrap. Stacy did an awesome job with the instructions! I used this great photo of my family from Savannah. Credits here.
I think I might have gotten myself into trouble tonight. The kids were super disappointed tonight that we didn't get to eat Larry's Pizza b/c the wait was too long (This is when I also thank God for Chick-fil-A and their playground to soothe the crying!) So, I promised them we'd go Friday for lunch since they were not in school. Yeah, then I let it slip that I'd take them to the Hannah Montana movie after lunch. How stupid am I? Oh well...guess what I'm doing Friday! At least I'll get to pay cheaper prices! Hope all of you enjoy your night/day! Later! I need to head for bed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Blogs by Haynay Designs

Well, I'm sitting in the breakfast room at one of my friend's houses in New Jersey. I've had a wonderful time in NJ and NYC and can't believe it went by so quickly!
Good news...we are going to a site-wide New Release Day....every Friday new releases!!!

So, since we are starting this...I am debuting my new blogwear! I'm lovin' it!!! This is something I LOVE doing!!! So...with no further delay!

Sugar Pea (on my blog)

Sweetheart Surprise

Angel Baby

Each of these are only $4!!!! Go grab one and dress up your blog! (Instructions included for blogger and typepad!)