Monday, September 29, 2008

SS at SM

Just a quick one...there is a Speed Scrap Tuesday night! It's a blast! Hope you can make it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappin' and Football

I'm currently caught up with my work and so I've decided to take a break. M has decided that she's independent today and is barely bothering me. She's been playing, watching television, and trying not to fall asleep for a nap! She's so funny. She does come in about once an hour to hug or sing or tell me she wants something she sees on tv-okay as I was typing she comes in to tell me and show me that she learned to tie her shoes...or she thinks so, awesome. But, overall, she's as quiet as a mouse playing with her lip gloss I bought her yesterday. (I bribed her while I was shopping for a dress for Adrienne and Daniel's wedding.) H is down the street playing with his fabulous group of friends that live in the neighborhood. I won't hear from him until he's starving. And, me? I am watching football (flipping the channels) and digi scrappin'! I am in heaven. I think I might even go grab a nap.

Heath just called and his plane got cancelled. He's not happy with the airlines-he's a bit ready to come home after being gone for a week. So instead of 8:30 tonight, he'll be here at almost midnight. Not easy on a mommy who has 2 kids who should be asleep! Oh well, what do you do? At least he'll be home tonight. We'll get to see him for an entire 12 hours before he returns to work at the hospital tomorrow.

What else? Oh, I was going to show you what I've been doing today...

This page is with DigiKeepsakes by Monica's new kit: Delightful Refreshment

This one is with pictures from when we lived in New York. We went to the pumpkin patch with Tracey, Darryl, and much fun. Wish we could totally come up this fall to go again!

And here is a picture of M and I from the Fourth of July, 2006!

So that is about it. Maybe I'll come back to the computer in a bit to scrap or design some more. But, I might sit in front of the tv tonight enjoying college ball! (Speaking of...i love an upset...USC AND Florida already this week...anyone else? I guess we'll see!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Grab Bag only $2

As you can see, we are having a birthday celebration at Scrap Matters. We are having a sale! If you spend $10 in the store you will receive our fabulous birthday collab called “You Say It’s Your Birthday.”  No need to do a thing, it will automatically be added to your cart when your cart has $10 worth of goodies in it. (The blog train is below...)

In addition, I also have a grab bag with 3 new products! Go grab it for only $2!

SM's Birthday Blog Train!!!

Welcome to SM's Birthday Blog Train! 
My family's birthday traditions inlude:
  • first thing in the morning: Poppy (my dad) calls to sing "Happy Birthday." We continue this song at anytime anyone feels like singing it all day long. (My DD sang it to me every time we got into the car on my last birthday)
  • out to eat at restaurant of birthday girl/boy's choice
  • homemade cake made by Mommy! (okay, so I bought one this year for my DS-so that makes only 2 out of 11 total cakes so far that were bought!)
  • The family always takes a picture of the birthday boy/girl's cake with the entire family.
Here are a couple of our family at birthdays with homemade cakes!

You should have just come from Kathleen's Blog...   If you haven't been there, make sure you hit it up for more fabulous QPs!!!

Here are my 2 pages I have for you! Click here to download! Thanks for stopping by to celebrate SM's birthday with us!

Hope you enjoy your ride...chooooo, chooooo!!!! Now, the next stop is....Jen's Blog!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to SM!

Just wanted to post this fab announcement!! Its gonna be tons of fun and prizes given away at the chat!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Splendor Released

Hey all! I am marking the beginning of fall with the release of my newest--and favoritist kit of all!!!! This is called Fall Splendor. It is SO versitile with the fabulous colors and elements. I also have included 2 alphas-which gives you options! Get it at NOW!!!

Here are some AMAZING LOs done with Fall Spendor by the CT at SM! The first one is by Jeni.

Kari did this awesome LO!

Here is Monique's take:

Jaime did this FUN first day of pre-school LO!

Stacy did this fabulous LO!

Kim did this using Sya's Totally Squared Template-LOVE it!

Christine did this FUN LO!

How amazing are those LOs!! And, I did one using FS for the Speed Scrap Tuesday!

I haven't gotten to finish another one because I have spent my week working on writing stuff, plus trying to get some things ready for SMs birthday this weekend! I will do one soon and post it here!

I have also made a Brag Book with Fall Splendor. You will get this FREE when you buy this kit, but only until next Thursday, Oct 2! There is no need to put it in your basket. It will come automatically with the download! (I see a hybrid project in my near future)

So remember to buy the new kit and get the brag book FREE!

You know I love to give stuff I want to give you all an add-on that matches Fall Spelndor! Click here to download...and leave me some love if you get it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog

My blog has been quickly shoved to the back burner. This new project is taking up all my brainpower, let alone my time! I've been working all week and have just a bit to work on this weekend before the week starts. I've barely had time to do much else because I've also gotten sick. Then, on Thursday night, M decided to get sick too. She's not good at all--fever, blisters in her throat. She has rarely been sick in her little life, but seems to be handling it well.
I watched football last night-I know shock! Baylor played UConn, and they looked very good. I am impressed with Art Briles, our new coach. They are looking competitive, which is all I can ask for! I think maybe we might sneak up on a couple of teams this year-we almost did last night. Not that anyone really cares about that right now!
Today is a day of cleaning my house (which has also been neglected), watching college ball, taking care of M, and digi-scrappin' a bit. Oh! I forgot...last weekend, on the way home from Texas, our black lab stepped on my cup of dr. pepper in the car. And, it exploded all over my new badge book! My husband felt SO bad, he was like, "just remember, it didn't take very long to make!" Then, he showed it to me. Oh well...what do you do? I guess make another one! I already bought a new holder. Maybe I'll do that today, it's last on my list tho.
What else? Oh, I remember...the reason I'm posting. I am hosting the Speed Scrap this week at Scrapmatters! I'm so excited. I'll be working on my instructions today! I do hope you can join us!
There is a great participation prize I put together last night!

Monday, September 15, 2008

How 'bout them Cowboys!

What a game! I was nervous the entire game tonight, and it didn't help that M cried the entire first quarter. Oh well. The good news, we won! Yeah! It was such a good game. Sorry for you folks that are Eagle fans. No matter who won, both teams played good.
This weekend was so long! So much fun, but long! Oh my! We had hurricane evacuees join us. (My aunt, cousin, and her family). They came to Waco and are still there. They can't go home until electricity and water are restored. It doesn't look good. So, keep all those people in your prayers. I was stressed for them, and nothing in my every day life was even effected.
I am hoping to get some scrappin' and designing done this week, but am going to be SO busy with my project! Probably won't be blogging as much either. Hope all of you have a great one!

Friday, September 12, 2008

fantasy celebrity draft

Howdy! I am going home, to Texas, today! I can't wait to see my sisters, parents, in laws, niece and nephews, everyone. We are going to have fun-though it looks like we will be soaked with Ike coming. The college football game we were going to tomorrow has been moved to tonight. SO, that means-I get an extra day of football! he he! 
Yesterday, my group of friends from NYC-I've mentioned them before-had a celebrity draft. This is to combat some of our husbands/boyfriends' involvement in fantasy football. We each drafted five celebrities. We are keeping points for things like being on a magazine cover, highlighted on Perez Hilton, getting engaged/married, getting arrested, etc. Its totally fab! I drafted the following: Barack Obama, Eva Longoria, Shia LaBouf, Ashley Simpson, Ashley Tisdale. So, if you are in a store and see one of my celebs on a magazine cover or hear some fab news about them, shoot me an email or leave me a comment so I can make sure I get my points! We play until the Super Bowl. Its gonna be SO fun! 
I have been so busy this week with work. I haven't done a page at all that I can even share with you! How sad. Maybe I can get one done this weekend, but we will be having some family time, so I am not sure about that! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe and dry if you are in Texas and/or Louisiana!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the House!?!?

The Speed Scrap was great tonight. Lisa-you did an awesome job! I love the page I did. I love it when I really go find some pics I haven't scrapped and that I love! This page is of the great friends we made while in Med School! See, I know i'm not a doctor, but I went to hell and back with the whole med school thing! It was very hard, not only on the students, but their families as well! In fact, these wonderful doctors in this LO, even gave me my very own Honorary MD! It was awesome! Now, if only they can finish residency so we can all get together again! 

Don't forget the Daily Download at SM! 

Daily Download

Hey all! Today begins my part of the Daily Download at SM! Go grab my first paper/elements at the SM forum now! The link will be up for 24 hours! I hope y'all have enjoyed downloading this kit. It really is great!
I don't have time to write much more. Today is PACKED! My list:
-4 chapters of writing (this is appx 30 lessons or so)
-take M to mother's day out (thank GOD! so I have time to do all this!)
-shop for H's birthday
-PTO meeting
-laundry (at least 4 loads)
-kitchen (oh my its a mess-why do I not do it every night!)
-target (meds for my allergies that have decided to act up)
So I'd better be off! Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday! Oh, there is a Speed Scrap TONIGHT! Be there for some addicting fun!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Look at this Badge Book!

Hello all. So far this morning has been better than yesterday! Good news is I did finish my chapter yesterday; therefore, I treated myself to some football (surprise) and scrappin'. I think that might be an oxymoron, but it pretty much describes me! Anyway, I wanted to show you what I ended up with! I decided to put my badge book to good use. I used two sheets of photo paper to print this out! And, then used the plastic sleeves essentially as "acrylic" type pages-so i did it like you'd do an acrylic album. I really love how it turned out! And, my newest idea: make it for gifts. Seriously it took me a total of 3 hours I think! And, you can throw it in your purse to always have pics of your kids or grandkids or parents or friends, whatever you want! Come to think of it. I think Target has a card wheel like this in a 4 x 6 size!?!? But it might be 3x5. those would be cute to.


How cute is that!?! And those pages are done with the QP Badge Book pages that come with my Fancy Pants kit! Remember you get it for free until Monday night-midnight if you buy the kit! Or, you can also buy just the badge book, but for just $1.50 more you'd get the kit too.

Okay, I'm off to make or design something. Cowboys play at 3:15! Can't wait to watch. OH! I totally looked up TO's tee shirts. I think I am going to buy one. I can't decide which on. I'm thinking the "iCowboy" shirt. I love it! But, i might make my own that says...iVote! Or, I might do both! Go here if you want to see all of these fun t-shirts!

And, I need to shout out to my bears who won their game last night! Sic 'em Bears! Until next time!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Special at SM

Whew! What a morning I've already had, and I've only been up for 2 hours! It started out as a normal morning in the house. Heath went to work (finally a day shift at the hospital!), I kept sleeping. Mady wakes me up for something to drink. I finally get up (very slowly) and get her juice and throw some pigs in the blanket in the oven...we eat, yada, yada. 

So, I go to my office to work on my new project. 

In addition, I am hosting the Saturday Special Challenge at ScrapMatters! Go check it out here! We would love to have you play along with us! Here is the LO I did for the challenge.

Okay, back to my story...while I was actually trying to work, IM my manager, and get the SM blog posted (yes I multi-task), my daughter starts screaming...and I mean screaming! She runs into my office holding her arm. Yes, her brother pulled her elbow out (nurse maid's elbow) and she can't move her arm. I call heath, he confirms, and we are madly getting dressed to get to the hospital so he can put it back into place. (This has happened once before, and heath popped it back in-its was all good. This is when an ER doc for a daddy does some good!). We load into the car and head toward the hospital. About 5 minutes from the house, Mady all of a sudden stops crying (yes, 10-15 minutes later) and says "Its all better Mommy-look I can move it now!" WHAT!?!?  I call Heath back, do his instructions to see if its fine, and he says she popped it back in herself. Deep breath. We turn around and go back home. I finally got the challenge up and am now writing this blog while watching ESPN College Game Day. My next task: 4 more lessons to write! I'm off to multi-task some more! Hope everyone has a great day! 

Oh, and a shout out to my Bears! Go Bears! Hope they win their game tonight!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily Download Reminder!

Hey all! Its been a long week for me! my hubby has worked all nights this week. Plus the electricity cotastrophe. And, I've started a new project that I have to wrap my mind around! But, the good news is it's over! College football is tomorrow (yeah Game Day!) and the Cowboys play on Sunday! Woo Hoo! I've almost caught up on 3 episodes of Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. I am really enjoying it. Its so funny because Wade Phillips (the coach) seriously looks like my dad! No joke, even my grandma called and told me so! Soon, I will find a picture of my dad and Wade to show you! But, back to the story. As I was watching Hard Knocks, Mady walked in my room. She says, "Look, there's Poppy!" Yes, my daughter thinks Wade is my dad and her poppy! Too cute, in fact, last season if she saw anything Cowboys, she would ask where her poppy was! Plus, I need to google TO's website to see if he's really selling his shirts or not because "me likey!" (to quote my friend Tracey) Maybe I will do that soon. 

I just wanted to give everyone a reminder about the DD at SM! Its so cute! Grab today's download in this forum! I'll start doing my portion of the kit on Monday! This really is a super cute kit!

Let's see if there is anything else?  Oh, I have done a couple of LOs this week-before the electricity thing. THe top one is from the Speed Scrap on Tuesday. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the Winner Is....

I'm back! Yeah! And, so is the electricity! I finally got home (we stayed in a hotel last night), put some laundry in, and checked over my email. So get son had school all day yesterday-with no power! How did those amazing people do it!?! I have no idea. But, the good news is, we don't have a make up day. I am so ready for Gus to move on! The rain is getting depressing for me.
After taking Mady to Mother's Day Out this morning, I decided to finally take the time to sign her up for gymnastics. She has her first class tonight, so be on the lookout for a LO or two of that (When i get time!)

Now down to business. So, the challenge winner is Melissa. She did this fun LO called "Crazy Hair"! How cute is this! Those pics are great! Melissa will win a $5 GC from Monica! (I'll send Monica your info)

And, because I am celebrating electricity today, I have decided to do an extra bonus! I have drawn a random winner too! Judith won! I am going to give Judith my new kit, Fancy Pants, for free! How awesome! Here is Judith's entry. (I'll email you Judith this afternoon!)

Okay, I wish I had more time, but I'm so far behind on everything. A day with no power puts a girl behind on writing and house work! So until next time...later!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm posting very quickly, as I am at Starbucks today just checking in! My town is nearly flooded from Gustav! Plus, we're without electricity. I heard the transformer blow about 3 am. SO glad I unplugged Daisy (my computer) last night! So, I will announce the winner for the challenge asap! (This means you all have a bit more time to send me your layouts!) I've gotten some good ones so far!
Please pray our electricity comes back on! (I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought 2 weeks worth of food--not good for the budget!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fancy Pants and Freebie!

Happy Rainy Rainy Tuesday! Oh my, we are getting dumped on with the remains of Gus, and its supposed to stay that way for days. But, the good news is I had a good day. Madysen woke up an hour early because she was so glad that Mother's Day Out was starting back up! (She needs her social interaction...can you tell from all her pics that she's outgoing?) The first thing I did was get my nails done...they were not pretty, at all! Then, on to the grocery. I stocked up on lots of food-should last at least through next weekend! After unloading the car (this is when I am so thankful I have a garage and don't have to walk in the rain with groceries like I did in NYC!)...I spent some time on the computer! There is a shock. My sister in law has tonsillitis and was at home sick...we IMed for a while until I had to pick up Madysen. All in all, a good day. I made Mexican Lasagna for supper-yummy! (and guacamole-my fav).

What else...oh, I guess its time for the "reveal"!!! I am so excited. I really love this kit. I worked hard on it and got carried away with the papers; I MADE myself stop! So, without further delay, I give you: "Fancy Pants"...

I spent last night making some "badge book" you know what those are? They are business card size pages! How cute are they!?!?!

I have put a few pics in some of the pages so you can see them in action! I plan on going to Target soon to get a business card holder for them! (there are the coolest ones with either pink, green, purple and a crafty looking paper on the outside. Will match perfectly!) They will print out on one or two letter size photo papers! Awesome! A perfect way to carry an "album" with you at all times!

Anyway, I've decided to give these to anyone who buys my kit for one week! So, if you buy Fancy Pants at ScrapMatters, you will get the badge book for free! (No need to put it in your cart!) How fun is that!?!? This only lasts until Midnight on September 8 though, so go grab the kit!

And now to share some of the pages some of the girls have done with "Fancy Pants":

Here is one that Lisa did...I need to do a LO with my mom!

And, Kim did this one (look how beautiful her daughter is)
Katie was awesome enough to do this one!

Here is one by that picture!
And finally, one by Wendy! I love this green, so I adore this LO! How 'bout that layering!And now to share two LOs I've done with it!
And, finally, because I am in such a good mood and because I am afraid my time to design will go down drastically soon (the new freelance project), I am giving away some of those papers that I couldn't stop designing! Plus, there are a few elements in there too! Click the preview to download!
That was one long post! Thanks for being patient until the end! Have a great one!