Monday, December 29, 2008

Go Bears!

Go Bears! My bears are 19 in the AP basketball poll this week. Dad, H and I went to the game tonight vs. Portland St. We played a great game, had some fab dunks, lots of fun! I look forward to watching them all season...thank God I get all the games on Direct Tv!

I also did a Speed Scrap at SM today. Did a fun LO with a pic from last Christmas.

Join us tomorrow night for another Speed Scrap! I won't be able to make it. Oklahoma State is playing Oregon in the Holiday Bowl (I think) with my family. My lil sis' boyfriend went to OSU so we'll be chillin here watch football!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 12th

Heath and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary different states! ha! This is really not unusual really. We were trying to figure out the last one we were together...we couldn't! When you live in a different state that you celebrate Christmas in, and when one of you must get back to work, this is what happens! Hopefully next year we'll get to spend our anniversary together. We are buying one another a great gift...a new television for our bedroom. I'm so excited about it. Happy Anniversary Honey! I LOVE YOU! Can't wait to see what this next year brings us!
Christmas as SO fun! Besides one of my incisions from the surgery getting infected, I've had a wonderful holiday! H got Guitar Hero and some of us have gotten very little done because of it! M got a Bitty Baby from American Girl and LOVES her! I was fortunate to see my grandma. My kids just love her too. Very exciting for me...i got a new external hard drive...a terabyte! YIPPEE!!! Heath got a new clock that he can dock his iPhone in and it will charge. He loves it.
Not sure when I'll go home. Probably either Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I want to see Heath on NYEve...its been a few years since we spent that night together too. He always works NYEve and NYDay, so we won't go out. Probably won't even stay up for the new year, but we can celebrate it in a different time zone! ha!
I just wanted to say hello to everyone! Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas! Oh, and I do have a few layouts that I haven't gotten posted here.

I love this LO. This kit--Sugar Plum Forest--is just great by Simply Sweet Designs! Grab it at ScrapMatters, it really is just wonderful!

I did this one for a Tuesday Template Challenge.


This was for a Speed Scrap.


Also a Tuesday Template Challenge.

This is with the Collab I did with Happy Scrap Girl...Winter Shimmer (now in the shop at ScrapMatters).
And the last one for today.

I did this one with my Fall Splendor Collection.

I didn't realize I hadn't put some of these up. I need to get back scrappin' after the holidays! Hope everyone has a great and safe New Years!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Angel Baby...and a sweet freebie!

OMGoodness, am I ready for Christmas!?!?!? I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off. We've finished up many a party this week! Plus, M's program, too cute. And, the family went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular yesterday...where, during the live nativity, my sweet girl asks-at the top of her lungs-"Where's God?" Awesome!

I have TWO new kits coming out today...I really tried to get here this morning, but digiscrappin' goes to the end of the line when it comes to Christmas parties at school! So, here they are..."Angel Baby"...a boy and a girl kit. I have to say, these might be my very favorite so far! They are just perfect for babies of any age--seriously! I named them "Angel Baby" b/c that is what my sister-in-law called all of her babies, and mine too. It seemed to be the perfect name for these kits! Do you want to see?
Here is Angel Baby Boy...with gorgeous blues, green, and brown! LOVE IT!

In addition, if you buy the kit, you will get a set of 8 QPs FREE...this weekend only!!! (You don't have to put them in your shopping cart, they will automatically come with the purchase, ready to download.)

Here is the fab pinks, purples, and brown of the AB Girl kit!

And, I also have a set of 8 QPs free with this kit too....(don't put them in the shopping cart)

But, it gets BETTER! I have made this kit into a combo pack! Yip, that is right, for just $8.50, you will get BOTH the boy and girl kit, PLUS both the boy and girl QPs sets! WHAT!?!?!? What a deal! Really, it doesn't get better than that! Go to my store, to pick this combo pack up now!!!!

Now, keep reading, freebie is coming...I promise!

Haynay's Hunnies have done some fab pages with this kit already.


Erin did two:

Heather also did two:

Sarah did two:


And, here is mine...

Now, I have also made a little freebie for all of you! I made some "Angel Baby" word art!

You can download it here!
Also, I would love to see anything you make with any of my things! If you will please email them to me at hhaynay at gmail dot com, you might get something special from me...and they might even be shown off here on my blog! I hope you all have a fabulous and Merry Christmas. I am not sure if I'll be back on during the week of Christmas, but you never know!!! God Bless~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Speed Scrappin'

Hey all! We are all at home today from some ice and below freezing temps. We aren't doing much today. I'm going to participate in a Speed Scrap at noon. Love those. I'm also doing laundry while the kids are hanging out. We are going caroling with the neighborhood kids this evening. We've done it every year since we've moved here and really have a good time. I've never taken pictures before, but am going to this time. Its a tradition now and since this will be the final year here in Arkansas...I want to remember it.

In addition, Christy is hosting a Speed Scrap Thursday evening. Not sure if i can, but will try to get to that one too.

I have just a couple of things left on my Christmas list to buy and get wrapped. Need to do that tomorrow probably.Hope everyone has a great day!

Don't forget, everything in my store is 25% off! Go grab what you have been wanting! ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

9 am on a Saturday is too early!

This morning H had his first scrimmage for the basketball league he's playing in. This is his 4th year to play ball, and its just amazing how much better he gets from year to year. The major difference this son has become an aggressive little player! He was all over the court--stealing the ball, rebounding, etc. I was very impressed, but I still say....9 am on a Saturday morning is too early for anything. period. And, of course, all our games are that early for 2 stinkin' months! oh well, what's a mom to do!?!? ;) I took this pic with my iphone...why didn't I take my camera?

I hosted the speed scrap yesterday at SM. I asked as an instruction for a movie quote to be used as the title. It threw many for a loop, but it was still fun. Here is my LO that inspired the directions. I used my new Sweetheart Surprise for it...I really like it. This picture is one that I found while cleaning out my picture file. Love it!

And, here is the LO i did for the SS Thursday night. Heath took these pictures in Waco of H for his birthday invite. H was really into cowboys and we had a cowboy birthday. One of my favorite pics! (I used Britt's Toy Sheriff kit and a paper from SS of mine.)

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Surprise, a Sale, and a Freebie!

Good Friday to everyone! I gotta tell you, I am dragging today! I got on a roll designing last night and didn't go to bed till 2 am! Stupid alarm went off this morning, and I actually had to get up to take my kids to school. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight...I doubt it. I also want to remind you to come to SM at 1 pm Central and participate in the SS! I'm hosting it today. Scroll down to see the alpha I made. You'll get it FOR FREE if you participate! They really are so fun. And, if you aren't a member at SM, just register, its THAT easy! You better watch it b/c you might become addicted!

On to other my new kit! I had so much fun designing it! It all started from a participation prize from my speed scrap last month. I got some requests to make it bigger, so I did! This kit is SO fun! As you can see its perfect for that spunky girl in your life. But, guess what!?!? It's also perfect for you will see! This kit includes 2 complete definitely get your moneys worth!

Let me show you what the girls have done with Sweetheart Surprise.

by Heather (a boy page!)

A boy LO by Mary!

by Erin (she did two!):

And Sarah made this fabulous boy LO!!!

And, here is mine:

I also have another new product in the store...another dating element! I love this b/c its a little more grungy. "Cardboard Dating" is perfect for dating any LO!

Sara did this page with Sweetheart Surprise and Cardboard Dating.

And, Emilee did this with Little Boy Express and Cardboard Dating:

I am SO excited for Christmas...seriously excited! Only two weeks from yesterday! And, as a gift to you, I have put everything in my store 25% off this weekend!!!! Now, the discount only shows up in the shopping cart, not on the page, but I tested it and it does happen! So, head over to my store and grab what you are wanting to make fabulous LOs!!!

And because its the Christmas season and because I like to do it...I am giving a freebie away! And, Sarah sent me a couple of free QPs that she made to give to you too. They aren't in the preview, but I did put them in the zip file! image to download!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nothing really to say

So, I have nothing to say. I'm waiting for some pictures to upload to my facebook page and thought I'd blog. I did a LO tonight for the Everyday Magic challenge at ScrapMatters. It was a challenge to scrap your mailbox. I know, I thought "what?!?! " But, I sat down and scrapped my mailbox. And, as I was scrapping it, I started thinking. I go out here every day. There have been many a day that I've literally been totally focused on the mail getting here. It brings junk mail lots, and, of course, lots of bills. But, I love the days when I open it up and there is an unexpected card from my sweet grandma. Or a birthday invitation, or a thank you card. And, this time of the year, we start getting Christmas cards. LOVE IT! And, very paychecks come thru this mailbox. I had no idea I had so many memories of a mailbox. Think about it...what is your relationship with your mailbox? Take a pic, scrap it, and post it at SM! Would love to see it! Okay here is mine!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Blues

I hate Mondays, especially when I stay up until 1 am watching a movie, even if it was a good movie! I think I get this from my mom. Heath told me no less that 25 times that I was in a bad mood. I tried to tell him he makes it worse every time he says it! Oh well. What do you do? H had basketball practice tonight. He's playing Upward Basketball again this year. I think he has a great coach and team. H even told me that he wants to delay meeting up with Heath on Friday to go hunting so that he can play in a scrimmage on Saturday morning. I guess we'll find out what happens there. Oh, I also finished and ordered our Christmas cards! Now, I have to wait for them, get my list together and get ready to put all the addresses on them. I used Britt-ish and DeCrow Designs' Very Merry Kit...this is just the perfect Christmas kit! I used it in the SS LO I did and posted yesterday called "Santa Surprise." Love it!

So I've spent much of the day trying to clean off my external hard drive so I can fit my pictures on there. I need to free some space in Daisy--my computer. She's been running slow, so I need to get rid of some gigs. That quickly happens with the pictures. Did you know that I had over 3000 pictures? OMGoodness! And, that wasn't all. I have more than that on a different external hard drive. I'm asking for a terabyte hard drive for Xmas...maybe Santa can bring me one! I love electronics. No need for flowers, get me technology! ;)

So, I am hosting a daytime Speed Scrap this week. Its on Friday.

I have a new alpha I am giving away as a participation prize. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday fun!

This has been a very good day-relatively speaking! After a traumatic night last night...we've recovered nicely! Last night/evening, M decided to cut her own hair. She just has beautiful hair...and we LOVE it! But, I walked into my bedroom to find a PILE of six inch long hair on the floor. She was devastated...that she got caught. I know we were wasn't to the scalp and she did a nice job as far as where she cut it, but still. Made me sick to my tummy! Here are some pics, too funny!

So, we went this morning to get a stylist to fix it...and she did a nice job. Still has gorgeous hair, now just with bangs and long layers! Then, the kids and I went to lunch and to the movie. We saw Bolt. All of us really enjoyed it. It was the first movie that I didn't have to take Mady to the bathroom-yes, I saw the entire movie! yEaH! We came home, and I'm not really sure what we did. I watched football-Florida/Bama game. Tonight I watched Oklahoma/Mizzu. Now I am watching Baylor play WashSt. ANd, I also got to do a Speed Scrap at SM! I also did one yesterday! Here are my LOs from the two SS.

Okay, not sure what else...I'm going to the living room to watch the game on the good tv. have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A week later...Freebie Alert!!!

So, its been a week since I've been on the blog! I'm sure not many people missed me, but I'll pretend ;) Lots happening, besides recovering from my unexpected surgery! I haven't been able to sit down and scrap/design as much as I had hoped as it hurt to sit in an upright position, but all is much better now! I have gotten most of my shopping for Christmas done via small short shopping trips and online shopping. Now to get it wrapped and later transported to Texas! My family has been wonderful this week though. I would have never made it through the weekend without my awesome mother-in-law, Molly! She was a god-send! Then the kids have been extra sweet-not always wanting to help clean, but still did. And, Heath even made dinner last night! YEAH! We had some duck that he, his dad, and H got this weekend-yummy!

I did get a chance to update a kit this week, tho! And, that is my surprise today! I've revamped one of my first kits and put it into the SM store!!! Little Boy Express has been revived, and added on to a bit! (Plus I made two lower case alphas!)

A couple of girls from the CT were able to finish a page-with the day that I gave them...Aren't they fab?




Here is one I did Wednesday night using the kit.

(keep reading for the freebie...sorry this is long. That is what happens when you take a week to blog.)

In addition, I am revealing my Black Friday Grab Bag today. This has been that a word? And, I've put it in the store as separate items! Each preview is clickable with the link to the go grab it if you weren't able to in the Grab Bag!
I've added on to Fall Splendor with a Xmas mini kit! LOVE IT!!!

I've also put the Fall Splendor Collection together and at a lower price! If you haven't gotten any of them...go grab them here!

This is my first template pack--all inspired by a one photo layout!

My first date set! I love this! Is very easy to use and is a great way to date your page!!

And, last but not least, my new frame an alpha frame set. You get two for one! Take a frame and make it your own!

I was so drugged when I did the post last week, I totally forgot to include pages done with the grab bag from my CT (at least I had an excuse!):



And, Mine:

Don't forget...If you buy LBE this week, you'll get the alphas FREE!!! (No need to put it in your shopping cart!)

Now, what you've all been waiting for...the FREEBIE! HOW CUTE IS THIS WORD ART!!! Erin did this with my new Little Boy Express Alpha. She offered it to me to give to YOU FREE! Make sure that you leave her some love when you snag it...then hop on over to SM to grab the kit! Click on it to download!