Friday, May 30, 2008

Play Ball!!!

So, we have a game tonight, the second this week! We also had one practice rained out, but made a practice last night. Currently we are in first place, but its on the line tonight. I think we are playing the second place team! I can't keep up with it all. So, HMan is loving baseball this year! He's ended up playing first base. And, he's turning into a mighty fine one, or at least at the 6-7 year old level! No really, he does a good job! We only have a few games left this season. I can't believe its almost over. I really love watching him play! Of course, he's always been a pretty good hitter, but even that is getting better. He hit a fly ball into left field Wednesday night. And, its becoming a regular occurrence for him to get a ball into the outfield. Hopefully, he'll have a GREAT game tonight! Here is a page I did of him back in April. I did a tutorial by Misty Cato. I also scraplifted her page. The papers in the circles are made by tia bennet on 2peas. I changed the colors to match our uniforms. The 100% boy is by digitreats. Good luck tonight, HMan!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three LAYOUTS today?

Oh My! I didn't realize how much I scrapped today! Until the end of the day, I'd done three LOs! Its okay, because I still got my stuff for my freelance project done. I just have sat at my computer a bit too long!

Buckets of Fun...Okay, And the Credits go to....BrittDesigns: papers, corners, yellow and pink/white flowrs, pink flower bling, bling circle; Curlywirly splash alpha; DDKC: leaf; JanHosford: pink flower; MMD: journaling strips; Fonts: horse puke (lovely, huh?) and fixedsys; Anything else used and not credited, didn't have a label (said Flower 14, etc.)

My princess Credits: Credits:BrittDes: Dreams Do Come True and Her Royal Majesty, plus Happiest Kit on Earth freebie (I did tone down the pink); I also used a photo action by Virtual Photographer (Disposable) and a glitter style on the top and bottom design included in the template. Glitter style was bhy Yarrow at Digital Chaos.

Pottery Classes Credits: Monica at Scrapmatters: Yellow Grunge paper; BrittDes: alpha, ribbon, staple; Miss Mint: hinges, staple; ChereKaye: green circle, journal paper, flower, chipboard scrap; Shabby Princess: papers: circle, yellow, black ornate; FlowersATeets: bracket; Weeds and Wildflowers: cardboard swirl and heart, yellow frame; PBD: Swirl; Font: Adler and Angelina

Great Weekend!

Now I need sleep! We had more fun with Holly's family! And of course, Holly (more than me) took TONS of pictures! We played a bit, but not nearly enough with our digiscrap stuff. But mostly just hung out. It was a good weekend. I made this page as a surprise for her while I was waiting Friday night.

And, here is a picture at the pool while we were waiting for it to stop raining so the kids could swim again. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I must not get back to worksince I took all weekend off!

Credits: Digitreats-Run-background, ribbons, etc.splash, Hearts-Weeds and wildflowers; Citris Berry Frame-Kopperhead; Font: CheltPress Trial

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lost photos

Okay, so today I was going through my files on one of my external hard drives (The folder with pictures)....and found pictures that either I totally overlooked or lost or something! I made a "TO SCRAP" folder on my desktop and pulled so many pictures into the folder. Now, I know what I need to scrap. Some are from many years this one of us at the Ranger game in 2005! I found some from when we lived in Dominica-yeah that was 2002! So you might be seeing pictures very soon from many years ago! It was so fun going through all of them tho. Just look at this picture of Hunter when he was 18 months old. HOW cute was he!
Credits for Rangers layout: ChereKaye: background, circle, Metal brad and stars, stitching; Britt-ish designs: matte; AmberGray: AlphaMUnderwood: Celebrate; KRing_Revive: Good times; Weeds and Wildflowers: Paperclip; Brad: Valgouvia_lieslie; AWP_Redwhite&Blue: Stars STicker; FONT: Adler

I love a Friday!

Good morning all! I've been busy the past few days. I had a Chapter due for my project I'm working on, had to clean the house, etc. So, I'm now caught up and ready for my weekend. Heath's sister (Holly) and family are coming to visit for the weekend. All the kids are very excited. Plus, Holly and I are too. We get to digiscrap! YEAH!

Today, I've decided to share with everyone a drawing Hunter did this week in school. He's my little artist-I think. This is a boy on a snowmobile. I think it is fantastic, considering he's only 7!

In other news, Robyn (my older sister) got a new job! She, Jay, and Justin will be moving back to Texas in June! YEAH! Now we'll get to see each other more often! I am so excited for her!

Earlier this week, I scrapped a picture from Christmas, yes I am so far behind. Its of Madysen and Reese (my cousin's daughter). They were playing dress up. I used Digitreat's Abby Kit. The oval stitching is ChereKaye.

I'm off to play for the day. I think I might organize some of my digital supplies and do a couple of pages maybe. I'll probably peruse my favorite sites and blogs too. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I found it!

The good news is that I found my phone! YEAH! Sometimes I feel like God plays tricks on us. I had torn my house apart, my car apart, and my purse-even emptied it out! So, my hubby and I were loading the groceries into the van yesterday. I leaned down to get my beloved Dr. Pepper and Bam! my phone fell out of my purse! WHAT!?!?! How does that happen!?! Heath was laughing, I was astonished. I think God just needs a good laugh sometimes. And, I am a pretty easy target!

So last night, I took a break from my writing project and participated in a speed crop at Scrapmatters. It was so fun! Here is the final result of my LO. I think it turned out very well! This is of my NYC friends Tracey, Amy, and Geren (and Adam). We all worked together at McGraw-Hill and had a mighty fine time as "pod" mates! So much fun that we got the entire floor rearranged b/c we were so loud. Oops! Fun times.
TinksTrinkets_French Chocolate: background, buttons, flower. Miss Mint Painted Season: cardboard circleSaying: not labed, unknown; ChereKaye_Rachel: alpha; Sal_Sl: Frame; Fibers: Unknown, made to go with digitreats run kit (I can't find who made it)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guest Spot for ChereKaye

Well, I found out that I got a guest spot on Oh Chere Design's creative team for the month of November. She had an open call and I'd thought I'd give it a try. Here is my page I did. I think I will do a matching page to complete the spread. I used her kit that she supplied for the call. THe Alpha is Copper Penny, but I can't find who designed it; Swirls: Weeds and Wildflowers; metal clip: JSCH. The pictures were taken Easter 2007 in the bluebonnets.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Complaint?

My husband, sweet husband, came home from work this morning (he's working nights). He told me he loved my blog, but I didn't mention him enough. So, I am mentioning my wonderful husband, Heath, now! I love you Heath! You are wonderful! Thank you for my new puppy you and the kids gave me for Mother's Day! He works tonight and then is off for a couple of days! Then works from 7a to 7p on Thursday and Friday....and we have him for the entire holiday weekend! (This doesn't happen often, as he is an Emergency Medicine resident!) This is a layout i did of him and his dad. They were in Argentina climbing Mt. Agencagua...see, I know I spelled that totally wrong. Please forgive me! It was New Years, thus the party stuff! Heath wants me to do an album for him with all of his pictures. Its been two years and I guess I should get on that. I might finally be over him leaving on Christmas day and missing our anniversary! :) So, this post if for Heath! I love you honey!

Layout Materials: Backgroud paper, brad, stitching, and doodles: Weeds and Wildflowers_Showing Love; frame: Miss Mint-painted season; ribbon: BMU_SS Ribbons to go Template; mat: JS Tornbook.

Have you seen my phone?

I have lost my phone. Have any of you ever done this? How annoying is it? I know the last place I spoke to someone. I was in my entry way, talking to my friend Missy. I sent her son, Noah, home. Then we left to eat at Chilis. (I love their salsa)...anyway, haven't seen it since. What did I do with it? Did I sit it down someplace random? And, if I did...why!?!? I hate it when I lose things. And of course, its out of juice so when I call, it goes to voice mail. AAAHHHHRRRGGG! If you see my phone, please help me and give it back-altho it will probably show up somewhere random!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday afternoon Naps are Awesome!

So, mom and dad left around three today. We had a great time! We hung out, ate, went to buy them new recliners, and went to Hunter's baseball game. (Which is why they came.) His team won and is still in first place. I'll post about that another time. After Mom and Dad left, I put Mady down and went straight to bed for my regular Sunday afternoon nap. There is nothing better to me! When I woke up later, I thought to myself! YEAH! Now I can stay up late and digi-scrap! That is so sad! Oh well! So, after Heath left for work and the kids were in bed, I did this second page of my spread. I used the same materials listed in the previous post!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leaning Tower of Snowman!

Here is the first page of my "Leaning Tower of Snowman" spread. The snowman is the one we took our Nay Family picture from in Crested Butte over spring break. Now, I am sure that he was not leaning this bad when he was built (and yes, i do have proof). But, he was getting tired by the time Easter Sunday came along! I'll post the other page when I finish it. Mom and Dad are coming today, so it might be a few days. Here is my materials list: Shabby Princess-papers, alpha, tag, brad, stitching; Yellow Curled border: AWP_Citrusberry; Weeds and Wildflowers: Showing Love yellow fabric, green stitching, yellow flower; Miss Mint green flower (Painted Seaseon); Journal: ABCDelt_eloise; Font: Chachie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hunter's first day of first grade.

So, I couldn't figure out how to put these pics under my other post. Oh well, maybe one day! I do want to say: I do not design anything, just use things other people have designed. These are the things I have used for this layout: Alpha: ADP_Dandilion Dreams; Ribbon: MUnderwood and Kopperhead; Stiched Frame Border (green) TCS; paper: LBA_DoodlyPP2, ElkaRomero, Rhonna Farrer; Circle Stitches-Weeds and Wildflowers. I totally want to credit those people who design everything I use (and send you to them if possible), but sometimes can't tell exactly who it is from the file. Please forgive if I've gotten something wrong! Thanks!

My first post

So tonight, I decided to start a blog.; although, I am not sure why. I was instant messaging with my sister-in-law, Holly (hi holly!) and was telling her what my family was doing tonight. It went something like this:

We are having a typical Nay family night:
-Madysen is looking at my scrapbooks-telling stories for each of the pages-even though she wasn't alive when it happened.

-Hunter is watching National Treasure.

-Cappy (my Yorkie) is asleep in my lap.

-I am at the computer.

-Heath is at work.

-Emma (our lab) is outside.

It hit me then. Isn't this the stuff people blog about? I think it is. Maybe I should start a blog. People can read about my boring, but eventful life. I can post my pictures, my digiscrappin', etc. on there. That would be fun.

Then, I created my blog. I can't promise to post daily-you probably don't want to read about my life everyday, BUT let's be honest...I might post several times a week! If you read, you must promise to ignore my misspelled words, grammar stuff, and the stupid stuff I might say.

I hope to make people laugh. I like to make people laugh. I tell my MIL (mother-in-law) "I just want people to love me!" So, if you love me, keep coming back.

I am going to TRY and see if I can figure out how to post a picture. Here are two pages that I've done. The first was for the High Noon Crop at ScrapGirls. The second I did tonight to match it. I'm new to digital scrappin'. I am in the stage of do I make an entire spread for when I print these out? I don't know yet. I will when I start printing! Thank you for reading!