Monday, May 31, 2010

It's a Manic Monday Down on the FarM!

I have Down on the Farm on sale today for Manic Monday!

What a great's 50% OFF!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Show Offs!

Hey friends, bloggers, and scrappers! Hope all of you are doing well this Friday! Today I had the plan of releasing my June edition of Chronicling Life, but it just isn't happening. Sorry. I have started a freelance project (writing curriculum) and all of my designing time as gone to writing time! looking for that HOPEFULLY next Friday!

In addition, it is the day for show offs. I love seeing LOs with products I've designed. We only have a few, but it's still fun.

Now, HERE is the surprise! I've decided this week, that these ladies can choose any KIT from my store they want! (This EXCLUDES any collabs I've been a part of. sorry.) But, if it's a full size kit, and I alone have designed it, you can have it! Just email me and let me know what you want! And, have fun!

Hope you all have a great day...and DON'T forget about my SS this  morning at 10 AM Mountain! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Speed Scrappin' Weekend!

Hey guys...a weekend full of speed scrapping! FUN TIMES!

Even I'm hosting one!

Here is my PP:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Times All Around

A few months ago, I had a CT call. With that call, I designed a Mini kit, and today, I give you the full version of THAT kit! Good Times All Around is the perfect summer kit!

I had a great time making my LO with it. (with a template from Photo Cowgirl)

And, the Hunnies and a few SM CT totally blew me away with all of their very quick LOs! How 'bout some inspiration!













Melissa B

Melissa H


Lucky you...I also have a freebie...this with the CT mini (if you got it back them) will make quite a great stash if you ask me! LOL!

Download HERE!

Don't forget to grab the entire kit Good Times All Around!

Don't forget, my next show off is next Friday, May 28!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Speed Scrap!

Seriously, I don't Speed Scrap enough. I used to do them all the time and have been completely busy lately. I need to do more. Such a fun time and the chat room was packed tonight. Even Shari was chatting to keep herself occupied while she awaited word from her son. You see, her daughter in law was giving birth to her first granddaughter! HOW FUN! And, she was born during the SS! Congrats Shari!

So, you want to see what I made? I gave the ladies a vote: Disney pics or Italy...this is what they chose.

I used Sarah Bennett and my collab World Traveler. I am in love with this page! (OH and I used Chelle's Creations Building Blocks 1...which I also love!

These are my pics from Vatican City...we got to see the pope.

So, it messed up...and a surprise at the end

Hey scrappers! How are all of you!?!?! Well, as you know I went to Italy. I got home last Thursday, right at a week ago! I think I'm finally back in the routine of my life, but that jet lag business really threw me for a loop! I have started blogging about my trip on my P365 blog. You are welcome to ignore this, or hop on over to look at some pictures! he he.

Anyway, before I left, I set up and scheduled (or so I thought) for my iNSD blog post to post. totally didn't do it. So, you have no idea what I was offering (the great GB and my collab GB.), but what could I do from Italy with no Internet therefore, I didn't even know!

I decided to NOT stress over know, don't cry over spilled milk, et al. And, here I am now revealing those grab bags, showing you what my fabulous CT did with them...amazing I tell you! And, I'm doing show offs...and, even a surprise at the end.

Now, for a my iNSD GB the following products were featured!

How 'bout a look at what the Hunnies did with these products!










Melissa B:

Melissa D:

Melissa H:




In addition, WM[squared] Designs and I teamed up to bring you a Collab Grab Bag---which is now on sale individually in the shop--Mr. & Mrs. Collab! Wendy and I have done a few collabs, but I'm loving this one most!


And here are the links:
Just Sayin' Mr. & Mrs.  (by WM[Squared])

Here is even more inspiration from the Hunnies!





Melissa D:




I seriously do not know what happened with the post on iNSD, but something did and there is little I can/could do about it, but I can still do this...

Now, it's not much, but with my life and it's craziness now, it's all I've got...but, I do have a small freebie for  you. Here are two papers that will match Wendy and my Collab! GO HERE to download!

I hope you have a great weekend...and, here are some show offs for you!

These ladies will receive their choice of Date Stamps! They can choose either of the ones above, or if they bought the GBs and have them, then they can choose any other date stamp in my store!  Just email me and let me know!

My next showoff will be May 28! (I'll also be hosting a daytime SS that day!) he he.