Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've been scrappin!

I've done three SS and hosted one this weekend. And, I still have one more to go in about a half hour. It's been a great weekend! I've thrown out the stressing about the house and decided to relax and have fun! M and I have gone to the pool twice with the Phillips. I love that she's old enough to get in the pool alone...she decided today that she did remember that she knew how to swim last summer. She swam "laps" over and again! She's such the little fishy! I can't wait till i have my camera back and I can take some pics of her in the pool again!

So, I'm here to post some of my most recent layouts. enjoy.

For the SS I hosted today...credits

Saturday afternoon's SS...credits
Saturday night SS...used my Angel Baby Girl kit

This week I'm hosting Grand Theft Layout. We are scraplifting Judet, who has an amazing gallery. Here is my page that I came up with...and I made a second page to complete the spread....credits

Oh, and I'm almost caught up on my Project 365 layouts! I only have last week's to do!

Hope you enjoyed. I'm about to do another SS, so maybe I'll be back to post that one too...I've been challenged to do a LO on Caprisuns!!! I have the pictures ready!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Stone's Throw

So, my week has been pretty crazy, and I found myself needing some stress relief...thus, I started designing a little bit at a time. After a few days, I found myself with a complete kit! My CT is awesome and instead of releasing next Friday, they got pages finished in ONE day so that I could release today!?!? How amazing are they!

Anyway, here is my newest kit: A Stone's Throw. It started out as a participation prize for a speed scrap and evolved into a kit full of fabulous colors, elements for boys, and who knew--outdoorsy elements! I love this kit!

Now, I have decided to put this on sale...but ONLY this weekend! It's only $4!!!! Go to my store and grab it now!!!

Here is what the Haynay Hunnies have done with it (all very fun and very unique!)

And here is mine! These are some of my favorite pictures ever of H. We were in DC one weekend. This was a bench at the field in front of the White House. (I also used a template by Britt-ish Designs.)

And of course, because I cannot stop designing papers when I am doing a kit, I had too many! So, you all are lucky! Here is a mini-kit just for you! I hope you enjoy it! Click the image to download it!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Today is H's last day of 2nd grade! I can't believe it! We had award ceremonies yesterday. He got an excellence in Math award (not surprising if you knew him! He gets the love for math from BOTH of his grandfathers!) We have baseball and swimming, speed scraps, and a rafting trip for the boys tomorrow! Wow, busy first weekend of summer! Hope you all have a fabulous one too!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teacher gifts

Hey all! If you are like me, you have kids finishing school soon. I realized this morning as I dropped H off at school that tomorrow is the last day, and I haven't even thought about getting his teacher anything! AAhhh!

After contemplating it, H decided that he wanted to get Mrs. B a Sonic gift card. I'm all over that...5 minutes later--literally--I was at Sonic buying it (and a Vanilla Dr. Pepper)!

Then, as was catching up on my blogs with Google Reader, I came across Heidi Swapp's blog with some amazing gift ideas! Oh, and did I mention that they are EASY too!

So, here is what I came up with--the card is made with my School's Out for Summer Kit, Word Art, and Add-on! (I put the gift card on the inside top and H wrote a note on the bottom.)

I then used the idea on Heidi's blog and made a gift/thank you combo for Mr. S (principal) and Mrs. B (teacher)! Seriously, it took me all of an hour to do it! (That included a Target run for the magazine and golf balls!)

So, THEN, i decided, why not help out my faithful blog readers too! And, I made a card for YOU!!! And, it's a freebie today!

So then, I know some of my friends aren't scrappers, but need this...and I want to help you out too...I've made instructions in Photoshop CS2. But, you can do the same thing in Word or Publisher.

Just put the picture/card front at the BOTTOM of a landscape 8-1/2 x 11. I put two so that I could make two cards on one sheet of card stock.

And, now print...not too hard, just make sure it's landscape!

If you love this idea, and I know you do!! You can download the card here!?!?!

Just a peek

Hey all, quick post...wanna sneak peek at tomorrow's release?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tuesday, not Monday. I've told myself that all day! And, has it been a busy one! I went with Hunter on his field trip, half a day. We went to the children's discovery museum here in LR. We had a blast, but I remembered quickly why I don't really want to go back to the classroom! :)

Then, I spent HOURS on the phone with various movers, getting estimates. I think we've found one, but I need to call one more. I am so ready to cross that off my "to do" list...and oh, what a list it is! We did mark 2 things off today, maybe 3 if you count Heath cleaning out the garage tonight, which I do!

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog in the next few weeks. We are moving in a month! And, sending H to kamp the same week! What am I thinking! It will all get done...somehow! Thus, the not sure how much I'll be on. I'll be packing and making plans; swimming and cleaning; and, whatever else creeps up!

But, I am definitely doing some speed scraps this way or another! SM is having a SS extravaganza this weekend to conclude our Queen of Scraps competition!

I'm hosting on Sunday...

Here is my PP!

Would love it if you'd join us! Okay, I need to get back to doing something so I don't feel guilty that I'm sitting and heath is in the garage working. Later gators!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let the Fun dealing with life events

I'm so excited! We are in Santa Fe this week looking for a place to live. Heath has gotten a job here at the hospital in the ER. We are super pumped! So, we found a house yesterday and signed the lease last night!?!? WOO HOO! H requested a 2 story house so he could have a bedroom upstairs, and he is getting his wish! My wish was a cool patio so we can eat outside every night in the summer! And, I got my wish! Plus, the kitchen rocks! I love to cook, so it was oober important to me. We also visited schools and am very pleased with the elementary Hunter will be going to next year. So, do you want to see a couple of pics?

Now, I also have to say, it's been a super difficult week too. My in-laws are here with us. My FIL is a car dealer in Texas. Unfortunately, he was on Chrysler's closing list. (Dodge) So, his/our family owned and operated business of 40 years is closing in a few weeks. It has been super trying as this was his life's work. You don't expect at 63 to be losing everything you've worked for...and you are handing down to you children! (Well, not heath, but my SIL, holly is the GM.) Luckily, they also own a Hyundai dealership. I am so glad we've been able to spend this time with them as we are all grieving in our own way, but are leaning on one another. Please keep my in-laws in your thoughts and prayers in this transition!

Now that the big goal of a house in Santa Fe is met, we are going to play a bit in the next few days! I can't wait to go to all the art galleries and drink margaritas in a patio cafe! Pictures to come next week, or maybe this weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Recent Layouts

I wanted to share some Los I have done in the past couple of weeks.

My last 2 layouts for Project 365, both done with my P365 templates and school's out for summer!

I did this at the SS Wednesday night:


And this is from SS from last week that I hosted.

I did this for today's Roadmap to Scrap Challenge

And this was yesterday's SS that I hosted:

I'm at a baseball tourney this weekend. Plus my parents are here....yeah! Heath and I leave for Santa Fe on Monday (well, actually we go to Waco Monday and SF on Tuesday.) We will be visiting schools and looking for houses! I guess we move in about 6 weeks!! WOW! Not sure if I'll have time to blog this week or not, but maybe I can post some pics of our trip! Have a great one everyone!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Request is Granted...and a freebie!

Did you want a Preschool Add-On to School's Out for Summer? You asked for it, and now, you've got it!??! My add-on to SOFS with some special papers and word art just for Preschoolers! I know that I have already used it TONS with my preschooler and now you can too! Check out this fabulous add on!

Now, it does have tons of things for other ages too! Just see what my CT has made from it!

How cute is mary's card! I love that! Aren't they all amazing!

And, here is a pagethat I I said, i've used this kit and add on LOTS! In fact, I made an entire book for M's Preschool Teacher using it! It turned out super cute too! Here is one of the pages that I made using the add on!

And, as a matter of fact, I've decided to make it into a QP! And, I'm giving it away for FREE!!! Hope you like! Click here to download!

Now run to the store and pick up this fabulous add-on to School's Out For Summer!