Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Weekend in Big D!

OMGoodness! My family had so much fun visiting Syl in Dallas! Syl is one our very best friends. She and Heath went to med school together...we've had many many wonderful, and not so wonderful, times with Syl! She was one of the first to meet M at the hospital when she was born...she brought me sweet potato fries...YUM!! What a good friend! We hadn't seen her since they graduated in 2006! So, when she told us that she was coming to Dallas for a conference...we were SO there!?!?!
I did my best to plan a weekend, Texas Style!!! I should mention...Syl is Canadian. Actually, she has a duel citizenship: Canada/Portugal. She's quite amazing if you ask me! It was Syl that introduced me to the true meaning of recycling/composting...which I totally do not compost. Anyway...we had the best reunion!
After her flight landed, she and Martina (they are both chief residents in Internal Medicine at SUNY - State U of New York - in Brooklyn) met us at Trail Dust Steakhouse. We were letting the kids play on the slide and dance! Then Saturday, I made sure we shopped and ate Tex-Mex for lunch. OMG, I love TEX MEX!!! That night we headed to Billy Bobs with the other 4 chiefs...to watch bull riding. We were a bit disappointed, but still had a rather good time! Sunday we ate brunch in Reunion Tower overlooking Big D, visited the Sixth Floor Museum, and the Dallas Zoo. It was a whirlwind weekend, so tiring, but SO FUN!!!
Here are some pictures that chronicle our adventures!

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