Monday, June 30, 2008

The Olympic Trails, AND a freebie!

I gotta tell you. I am psyched for the Olympics! My family and i have been watching the trials. How fun! I love swimming. The other members in my family are into track and field. My BIL ran track in college and so keeps us abreast (is that how you spell it?) of all the happenings. We watched the men's 400 M semifinals tonight. 5 of the 16 runners were from Baylor! And 3 out of the 8 men who will run in the finals are from Baylor...i guess that is why they call Baylor "Quarter Miler U"! HA! Jeremy Wariner, the gold medalist from 2004 and favorite in 2008 is from Baylor. See we are good in some sports!! HA!

Okay, I also wanted to share a couple of LOs with you....TFL! Mady hearts Mickey I did for a Disney Scrap Challenge (Oh someone asked me where that was. You can find it here.) Credits:haynay: background, gellies; digitreats: paper strips; Weeds and Wildflowers: flowers, ric rac, swirl dots, stitching, ribbons, flower center; MCO: letter stamps; spiral arrow: unknown

Sherri Tierney's "Get Your Groove On" kit! Buy it here!

Okay, so while watching swimming, track and field, and "Walk the Line" I created some papers for you Digitreats lovers! I love these! They are so fun. Today I have the "Jump" Add-ons. I will try to get Run and Skip this week too.

I have been very busy designing for the new store! I designed all day long! And, have come up with a new kit that I think many of you will really like! I love it! So, stay tuned for the release hopefully later this week! If you want these Jump papers...please leave me some love, before or after your download. you can download the papers here!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My New Kit: Kamp Rocks!

How exciting! My new kit--Kamp Rocks! is at that Ahhh Scrap! Store available for purchase today!!! I've done a few LOs with it. I was inspired to do this kit because my son was going to his first sleep away camp this summer! He left last Wednesday. We go pick him up this time next week. I miss him so much, but know he is having a great time! This is a great kit for camp or just boys/men LOs in general.

Hunter and Heath waiting for the bus to kamp! Hunter took his kamp was 25 years this year that Heath went to this kamp for the first time! What a special tie they will have from now on!
This is Hunter as he was about to board the bus, and I was trying not to cry! I didn't cry when he went to Kindergarten, but did when he went to kamp-for 2 days off and on. My dad said it was okay. Kindergarten was only 8 hours. Kamp is 2 weeks without talking to him!
This is a picture of a son of a good friend of mine. They were in Mexico a week or so ago. Is he just SO cute? And next is one that Brooke did with Kamp Rocks...see, so great for just boy pages!

And, without further is the preview to Kamp Rocks!

If you like what you see, go buy it and make my debut as a designer great! Grab Kamp Rocks! here!!! There is also an alpha to match. Get it here.
Stay tuned...later this week, we are giving away an Add-On Freebie! Keep a lookout for this awesome mini-kit! (Oh, and I know I spelled Kamp wrong...that is the way Hunter's camp spells it, so as a tribute, I did the same!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Preview!?!? And Run Freebie!

Hello world! It is hard for me to get on while I am here in Texas, but I am finally getting here--even though it is almost midnight! Oh well, I usually am not in bed at this time; I just hope that Mady sleeps later than 7 tomorrow. She always wakes up early at my parents' house tho! My sis, Robyn, and I just watched "Hitman" while my dad snored in the chair. It was intense. I only watched with one eye because I had some scrapping to do!
I have put together everything for my new kit at Ahhh Scrap! We now just have to wait until it is uploaded into the store, I predict hopefully Monday!! But, I decided I'd show you a preview of the papers for my Kamp Rocks! kit...The full preview will come the day it is in the store--for sale!!! I hope to spend tomorrow trying to decide on my next kit. I have lots of ideas, but not sure what I am going to settle on!

I also put together a page for my CT spot with Sherri Tierney! This is done with her NEW, very cute kit, A Day at the Beach. You can get it at Elemental Scraps. This will take you directly to it!

In addition to working on my Kamp Rocks! kit, I also put together the last of the gellies. The Run gellies to match the Digitreats' Run kit are here today! YEAH! And, if you like, you are more than welcome to download them here. I hope you like them enough to leave me some love. The comments really do provide motivation for me to do more! Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jumping uPp and DoWn with excitement, plus a freebie!

Today was a wonderful day! I am officially not only a CT at Ahhh Scraps, but today I became a DESIGNER for them too! I cannot believe it! I have a new kit that I made that will be there very soon-although I am not sure when! I'll give everyone a preview asap! Hopefully this weekend or early next week. It all depends on the timing of everything!!! So, keep your eyes peeled! Go to Ahhh Scraps now to see all the great things going on at this new store/community!! WOOOo-HOOOo!

Okay, I did this page today at the speed scrap on ScrapMatters. I love it! It came together beautifully and its one of my favorites. I've been very pleased lately with my LOs....I am just having so much fun creating. I think I've really found my creative outlet!! Credits: Almost everything by Britt-ish designs: Dreams Do come True and the Just Married Add-On; brackets: Sherri Tierney; Alpha: Brooklyn designs: Doodle when to London

I am in Texas for the next week seeing my sister and nephew! Yes, you guessed it, I will probably gain 5 lbs from all the Mexican food I'll eat. I'm outta control. Anyway, I'll be posting from my mom and dad's house and am not sure how often I'll get on, but I'll do my best to get on a few times. (they don't have wireless, but Robyn-my sis-and I are totally working on that...maybe by tomorrow it will come to be!)

In addition, I spent some time this afternoon on another gellie freebie. I gotta tell you, I LOVE these! I need to get a page together with them, but have been so busy, I just haven't gotten there! So these gellies are to match Digitreat's SKIP! Girls, and guys, I love these, they are SO girl and SO cute! Just look....
If you like, you can download here....and leave me some lovin! Until next time, I hope everyone has a fab Friday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gellie Freebies anyone?

So, I just finished the speed scrap at scrapmatters! I had more fun. This is the page I did, in just one hour! I did it using Sunset Garden (designed by digi keepsakes by monica!) You can grab it here if you like it! This is my first LO as a CT for her!

Here is a page I did today for one of Brittney's challenges at a Disney forum that I found. The challenge was to use the colors of Aladdin's outfit to make a LO of photos from Disney. I chose this picture of my little sister, Amber.
Credits: haynay: papers; Swirl: Designs by Shellie; Frame: pbd_SYTYCD3; Flowers: Britt-ish designs and A Work in Progress (red ones); Alpha: AWP again

Here are some gellies I made tonight. I did them with the Digitreat's Jump colors, but tried to do some colors that lean toward boys and some that lean toward girls! Someone asked for some trucks, so I provided that. I'll do some flowers or something for the skip colors, if and when I get to them. I am leaving for Texas tomorrow to see my sisters. I am not sure when I'll get to make the other kit gellie add ons. If you like, please download here and leave me some love! Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jump QP Freebie

So, believe it or not, I got more good news today! I was invited to join Digi Keepsakes by Monica's CT team also! YEAH! You can find Monica's designs here at Scrapmatters. I am going to try and get a page done tonight, but it might be tomorrow before I get to it! I am very excited, and truly cannot believe that all of this is happening so fast!

I feel bad--I couldn't get anything done today for a freebie. So, I revamped my page of Hunter learning to ride his bike from yesterday into a QP! These are all my products, so I've changed it a bit! But, I do like the new stuff. The thing I spent the most of my time on was the gellie in the middle of the flower. What do you think about it? Would you want that, or something like it-different gellies- as more add-ons to jump, skip, and run? Just a thought. I thought they were cute. And, they would be great in LOs, especially for layering, etc! I might work on those for tomorrow, and the rest of the week! You can download the QP here. Leave me comments about the next add on you might like to doesn't have to be these gellies. I have an open mind!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skip Starburst Freebie...and a new look

Hello world. I am so tired, but just keep surfin the net! What is wrong with me? I cannot get into bed before midnight! I am currently watching Hairspray. I guess I can take it off my netflix since its on HBO! We had a full day. I spent much of the morning getting Hunter ready for camp. He leaves on Wednesday for 2 weeks!! YIKES! I have so much to do still before he leaves!
So, after that, I took the kids swimming. I try to get them out of the house when heath works nights so he can sleep. We tend to be a loud family! We swam for 3 hours, and of course, Madysen didn't get a nap. Oh and did you see the new header and blinkie I did today! So excited about those. Thought they both turned out cute.

I've been perusing the Ahhh Scrap! new website! We have our Grand Opening today!!! So, mosey on over there-is that how you spell mosey? Who knows... There will be lots of freebies, etc.! Hope to see you there!

Here is the last of the digitreats papers! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have been. I've done a couple of LOs with them already. Here is one I did at midnight last night of Hunter learning to ride his bike. And the second is one I did tonight to introduce myself at Ahhh Scrap!

Credits: digitreats: H paper, "happy" word art; haynay: square Jump paper, swirls, paint splats, flower, paper clips, staples, frame, ricracJ; LA_vanity plate "tuff kid"; CDuffy_Scrapit index card; font: hobo

Credits: haynay: paper, frame, flowers, journaling paper, brad, safety pins, ribbon;digiscrap.ch_Stickemup: alpha;tbd_skipabc_2: bracket;Weeds and Wildflowers: flower centers; font: pharmacy ***EDITED: If you cannot open the zip files, I am so sorry! So, I've re-zipped and uploaded again. Here is the new link.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time for Skip Freebie!

Today was a good family day. Heath is working nights for the next three nights in the ER. So, I'll have lots of time for digiscrappin' without the guilt! :) We had fun as a family-I think-today. My two kids have decided that fighting is their favorite past time! Its driving Heath and I crazy! I know my sisters and I fought, but what did my parents do? Probably spanked us and made us hug till we got along. I have no idea. Oh well, Mady is going to bed in a few minutes and Hunter will follow after he finishes watching Camp Rock.

I hope everyone is really liking the add-ons to digitreat's Run, Skip, and Jump. I know that I really do! I guess I am ready to give away the Fit to be Square papers for Skip! I gotta tell you, I really like how these look and need to do a LO soon! You can download them here!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Run Freebie! MORE good news

Okay, there are days that are very boring at my house. Days that not one phone call comes in, my kids are boring, my hubby is working, etc. But, today was NOT one of those days. Its only 5:51 pm and I've had a full day.

I woke up this morning and decided to surf digifree because I haven't had time to do that all week. In that surf, I came across a great blog and saw a CT and Design call! I am really loving digital scrappin' and am trying to get my name and freebies out there, so I applied. I received a reply that asked if I wanted to join the CT team and maybe eventually do some designing for the store. Of course, I said YES!!! So, I am now also going to work with Ahhh Scraps! OMG, I really am! I am having to pinch myself. In addition, I am going to start designing some freebies for the site! WHAT!?!?! So excited! Please please visit the blog and then the store! Ahhhscraps is opening the store on Monday!

In addition, I had the surprise of my best friend from Jr. High-Kelley and her family coming through Little Rock. They stopped and we ate Larry's pizza (fabulous pizza buffet if you are ever in LR). Yum. I think I ate my daily allowance in calories of their chocolate chip talking about good! I am salivating just talking about it! I just love seeing her!

Okay,and now on to other business. I also have made some starbursts to match the Run kit from digitreats! I hope you like them! I've really enjoyed making them.
You can download them here. Leave some love if you take them. I want to make sure you like them?!?! :)
I am going to try to get a LO made with some of the run stuff this weekend, but I am also very excited to do some more freebie designing, so I am not sure what I'll do first! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Come back tomorrow for my Skip Addons!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Digitreats Add-ons: Run Squares

So I did my first LO as a CT with Sherri's designs. I used the Snazzy Little Men kit. You can find the kit here....I did this while participating in ScrapMatters' Speed Scrap. It was so fun and really challenged me!

I had a few requests to make the Digitreat Jump Add Ons for Run and Skip. SO, I've done it! And, to keep you from coming back here, I'll be giving them out one pack for the next few days. ;) If you like the Run papers, download them here, and leave me some love. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freebie: Swim 'N Sun Elements

Not much to say. Sittin' at Holly's house, kids are outside playing and eating Popsicles. Life is good! I've had a huge response to the paper pack for SNS. My Jump Add Ons are doing great! Its been a good day! My hair is finally highlighted and cut, my eyebrows are waxed. Good day I tell you! AND, I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican food Lunch place-Leal's! Oh, the chili topper. Makes a day even better! I love visiting home. I think I gain 5 pounds every time I come here....stinkin' Mexican food that calls my name each and every meal. Gals (and guys) if you are ever in Texas, get some GOOD Tex-Mex. Yum.

Now, on to more important digital scrappin' set of elements. Here is a preview. Click here if you want to download them. If and when you make pages with my kits, please please please email me a copy at hhaynay at gmail dot com.

*Edited: Sorry about the password. It was the same as yesterday's swimming. I don't get 4shared, half the time it asks for the password, half the time it doesn't. Please forgive, I am totally new at this! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebie: Swin 'N Sun Papers! Plus, Exciting News for ME!

I have several things to say! First of all, I am thrilled to announce I made my FIRST CT TEAM! Waaaa---hhhoooo!! I am on Sherri Tierney's CT team. You can find her stuff and the CT Team's LOs at Elemental Scraps. I am very very excited to start this new adventure in my digital scrappin' journey! So, be looking for some LOs made with Sherri's fantastic designs very soon!!!

Before i get to my freebie....I am in Texas this week. I am visiting my parents, older sis, BIL, and nephew. We've already had so much fun. I was excited tonight at the pool when Madysen decided to swim. She took lessons last week and really came a long way. She just pushed off the step, stuck her face in the water, and started kicking! All of a sudden, she was at my arms and I scooped her up. I couldn't believe it! She's only 3. She's just so amazing. I guess I won't be reading as much at the pool as she plays in the baby pool as I thought! Oh well, i guess the lessons were worth it!

And, without further delay...I have finished my first kit. I have papers, elements, alphas. I am very happy with the results. I have had good responses to my mini-kit and Jump Add-Ons. I hope you all like this too!

Here are a couple of LOs I've done with the kit:

I wanted the colors to be fun and funky! I created them to reflect how I feel about Swimming and the SUN! In addition, I included something you could use for the Fourth of July. That LO is of Mady when she was 1-so 2 years ago!! I also wanted to say thank you to Brittney, of Brittish Designs. She gave me some great guidance and constructive criticism for my kit!

Today you can download the papers. Tomorrow the elements. Please leave a comment if you download. Download papers here! Password is swimming.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Holly! Jump Add On

June 14 is Holly's her present I designed a couple of Add-Ons for Digitreat's Jump Kit! The first is "Fit To Be Square". I did a LO of Lauren with the paper I named after her!
Credits: haynay: paper braket frame; digitreats: tab borders; Vicki20: alpha; brittishdesigns: staples

Download here.

I also created my own Starburst overlays now! I think they turned out way cool, so ended up making papers from those designs too. Here is the LO of Holly's kids I made from the Green starburst. These too will match the Jump kit! YEAH!

Credits: haynay: paper, journal tab, binder clip; digitreats: frames, ice cream cones, "I"; rking: string; Amber at MOLC: alpha.

Download here!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Mini Kit Freebie!

I am very excited to give you my first freebie! It is just in time for Father's Day. This is the page I did of Heath with it. It is called "Heath" in honor of my hubby and the father of my children! The colors are SO him. He loves Burgundy, navy, cream, and green. They remind me of my Heath! :)

The mini-kit also includes a QP very similar to the one I did of Heath. Hope you like it! Download it here! Password is heath.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hard Day of Work!

Okay, so I had a hard day of work today! I have my last chapter of my project due tomorrow and put in a LONG day today. So, i rewarded myself by doing the Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters! SO much fun. Plus, Holly joined me so that was fun! Here is my LO. I might make a freebie templat out of it and post it tomorrow, but need to go to bed soon! Plus tomorrow...I'll be posting a page I did of heath....with the NEW MINI-KIT I designed myself!!! YEAH! I'll be giving it away on Friday or Saturday so keep your eyes out!
Credits: Britt-ish Designs: Dreams Do Come True and Her Royal Highness.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Template 4 Freebie

Okay, so here is my next template. Download here if you are enjoying these. I am so tired and ready t go to bed, but wanted to get this up and running!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Freebie Template on Tuesday!

Howdy-as they say at Texas A&M University. I didn't go there; I went to a college a few miles down Highway 6 - Baylor! Go Bears! Although my grandfather was a devoted Aggie his entire life--graduated 1942. My daughter is named after Grandad Wink and my mom. Now that was a random piece of trivia about my life! We rooted for TAMU last night in their Baseball Super Regional against Rice. But, they lost :(

On to other things....I've made another freebie template. I hope y'all are liking these templates. I am enjoying making them and giving them away. Thank you to those people who leave me comments. I would appreciate if more of you would. This template was based on my page I did of our trip to the Texas Rangers baseball game.

If you like it, download it here! Have a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hey all! So sorry for the confusion with the password. I thought I was putting it on something else! Oops. So, I totally fixed it and you can now download it without the password! SORRY! I'm going to do another template in the next couple of days so keep your eyes open! Thanks!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another FREEBIE Template! and I love a Saturday!

I love a Saturday. My husband was off work, my little sister (Amber) is here from Dallas! It was a fun day! We slept in-a little, then we ate lunch, went swimming, went shopping, and saw Hunter play baseball. Oh! He had a great game! He caught a pop fly and doubled the base runner out at first! Plus, he had 2 singles and a couple RBIs (runs batted in-that was for Tracey-not sure if she's a baseball fan-she prefers Cricket I imagine ;)

Speaking of Tracey, I made this LO of my godson, Adam (Tracey's son). How CUTE is he! I bought him this fabulous Dallas Cowboy sweatsuit for Christmas. Since they are from Trinidad and aren't fans of American football, they have agreed that I can brainwash him into being a Cowboy fan! Poor boy, he does live in Jersey and will probably be teased forever. Oh well, at least he will be rootin' for da 'boys! And now for the credits: Background: Britt-ish Designs (with color change); Ribbon: FA_Amour; Font: Cowboys, 1942 report, courier; Stars: unknown (sorry!)

So when we got home tonight, I checked my site and I had SO MANY people here today! Digifree linked to me for my first freebie Template this morning. I was so excited that I decided at the last minute to do another freebie template! This one is based on my LO "Buckets of Fun! I posted it earlier in the week. I hope you like it. Please post a comment and leave some love if you like and/or download! Thanks-and have a great weekend! Download the template HERE :)!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Freebie! A Template

So--I've decided to step it up a bit. I've turned my page I did of Mady in Hunter's tigger hat the other night into a template. I'm giving it away for free. It is my first template and first freebie I've done. Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment to let me know you've downloaded it.
Get the template HERE!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, scrapmatters had a challenge this Saturday to do a layout, with only one photo-no people-of something that is SO YOU! If you know me, this is not hard at all! Here is the LO I came up with.
Credits: Credits:ChereKaye (OCDesigns) Friends: Ross Kit; Also: KC-108 bonus (graph paper); beaded pen-unknown; fonts: Mamma Gamma, Minya Nouvelle; Clipping Mask: Debra Tope Designs

In addition: I did these last night.

Credits: by Ziggle: Apple Cart; Weeds and Wildflower: Flower and grunge/glitter

Credits: This was done with "Sunshine Scrap" aka Digi Keepsakes by Monica Evan's "Comfy Cozy" . She RAKed me yesterday with this kit and I wanted to say thank you by doing a LO tonight with it!!!I also used the following: CLip: MissViVi, FOnt, Adler, Alpha: grunge, Jan_isg_journaling lines.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


What makes it summertime? Is it the hot sun? The time spent at the pool? No school? All of the above?
Today, Madysen and I spent three hours at the pool with some friends. The time flew by! I felt guilty that H was at school while we were swimming! He'll be out soon enough (tomorrow) and have a summer packed full of fun stuff! I'm sure he'll be fine!

I am so excited summer is here! We will spend so much time at the pool, plus all the other stuff we get to do while hanging out! For now, tho, we must get going to baseball practice. Until next time!