Friday, October 31, 2008

National Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Hey all! I've been AWOL! heath and I went to Chicago this week for an ACEP conference. We had an absolute blast! My favorite thing was hanging out with my DH-just the two of us!!! He also took me to see Wicked! OMG! What a SHOW! Awesome! Loved it! Anyway, I don't have much time; its time to get our costumes on and take pics for Halloween!
I wanted to do a customer appreciation for this weekend. I did this paper pack in honor of heath and my trip to Chicago. It was pretty chilly and I wore my scarf everywhere! Therefore, I did a paper pack the colors of my scarf! Enjoy! This will only be free for a week-sorry! I am going to add to it and make a larger paper pack later! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Here is the page I did with it...using all the papers SOMEWHERE on the page!

Have a great weekend! And, Happy November! Click on the preview to download!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not-a-normal Thursday

Last night we had the best time! We went to supper at Pei-Wei. Oh man, i love that place, and we've finally found something that H will eat! Thank God for Chicken Fried Rice! Then, Heath headed to work; the kids and I headed to Kanakuk Live! We got to see Pete (the director at the camp Hunter went to this summer) and Kay (from when I was a counselor there, and heath has known her since he was a kamper!). H was PUMPED to see Pete! He is such a neat man. I love that the people from Kamp LOVE these kids. It is such a testimony and witness that they do!
So, the kids were both home today-parent teacher conferences. I thought I'd be able to sleep in, well it totally didn't happen. Why is it when I can sleep late, I can't! Makes me mad thinking about it! And now, I totally want a nap! (which I was going to take until I realized I could catch the Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters!)
So far today, I have worked, done a load of laundry, taken the kids to larry's for lunch-I LOVE pizza!, had a parent/teacher conference and gotten H's report card (very good), chatted with my krewe on the message board, and of course Speed Scrapped! So, here is the LO I did! So fun! I used stuff from Ellie Lash, Digi Keepsakes by Monica, Brittish Designs, and my stuff too! I took these pictures of Hunter just minutes before the SS started. They were fun, so I decided to play with them. H got the DS for his birthday. He plays it alot, but will put it down the minute one of his friends calls him to play! Okay, now to get the house clean! yuck.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hybrids-the way to go!?!?

I've been a paper scrapper for years, and I have WAY too many supplies-don't believe me? Ask any member of my family! Anyway, so I get super excited when I get to combine digital and paper which equates to hybrid scrapping! As I said earlier this week-or this weekend, I was going to make a Sonic nameplate gift for M's teacher. Well I did, turned out super cute! I loaded it with some notecards, etc. Here it is! Thank you Kari for doing these name plates! I see SO many uses for them in the it totally gives me an excuse to drop by Sonic for happy hour! (If Sonic knew the free publicity we are giving them!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LOs I've done today

I've finished my work and done a couple of LOs before picking up the kids. Thought I'd share...

Done with Fall Splendor

This one is all Brittish Designs (fairchild, used and abused, ribbon jar, date stamped, bead-aholic, paper shapers)

This Week's Speed Scraps at ScrapMatters

We've started having 2 Speed Scraps per week! We are trying to do one at night and one during the day so that people from around the world can participate in them! So our two this week are:

There are GREAT participation prizes for each! Hope you can make it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

CT Call!

Hey all! I am having a small CT call! I am in need of a few scrappers to join my CT! I am pretty easy going and am looking for some fun-loving, creative people to help me!

The requirements are:
  • 6 month commitment
  • 3 LOs per month
  • 1 LO for a new kit
  • personal blog promotion
  • post to 4 galleries (DST, SM, and 2 of your choice)
  • enabling at DST
If you are interested please email me at hhaynay at gmail dot com. Please put: Haynay CT CALL in the subject.
Please include: a short bio (how you got into digiscrapping, how long, why you want to join my team), a link to your most complete gallery, links to your 3 favorite LOs! Oh, and if you love to design QPs and/or are a hybrid scrapper, please let me know! I'm also interested in adding one of each to my CT!

You have until midnight on Halloween (Oct 31) to apply!

I am super excited about this! I cannot wait to see who all applies!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Add on for Fall Splendor0

Hey! I've had a busy week, trying to get so much done between designing and freelance writing, we won't mention the kids and family ;) We've really been enjoying the weather here in Arkansas! M and I have baked a few times this week. Monday, we made some pumpkin bread. The kids ate that up pretty quickly. I can't even remember getting a piece! Then, this morning, we made some homemade banana bread. I have already had a piece, as has M! Yum!
The family also went to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday (Heath's day off!) We got some great pictures, as you will see soon enough! We also got some fabulous pumpkins-and not at too bad of a price either! After the patch, we went to eat supper at one of our favorite places: Cheeburger Cheeburger. We love their onion rings and burgers, plus the MILKSHAKES! Oh my, yummy. Then we came home and watched the presidential debate. It definitely was the best one so far! I can't wait to see how all of this ends up. It is a fascinating campaign. so, don't forget to vote-it is very important that EVERYONE gets out to vote-no matter who you vote for!!!

I also worked designing this week. And, I am excited to announce my newest kit/add on to Fall Splendor. All the colors are the same, with some extra papers and elements! Oh, and another alpha! This is the Pumpkin Add on! I've put this kit on sale this week only! If you bought the first one, you DO NOT want to miss this one. It is such a great compliment! Go here to see my store at SM.

I want to show you what some of the girls did with this kit at SM!

Christy (TheWerners)
Kim:how awesome are these!!! OMGoodness!
And, here are mine. I got carried away yesterday, but had SO much fun scrappin':
(Oh, this one I made Tuesday, its for my iphone that Heath gave me -my other phone was dying a slow death. This is my wallpaper. How fun is it!?!!?)

Wow, that was lots of pages!

So, I have decided to put a special on...if you didn't buy Fall Splendor, you are going to have a fabulous opportunity to buy both FS and the Pumpkin Add-On at a special price! This is the FS Combo Pack!
I've also been working with Kari-who is on the Creative Team (specializing in hybrid scrapping) at SM. She has made the coolest name plates! You can do a fun and easy hybrid project using these and Sonic drink holders! See what she has done with Fall Splendor!

Here are her examples. Kari made a carmel apple kit with holder! SO CUTE! I cannot wait get these printed out and make them for some friends and/or teachers!!! I am thinking about doing one for M's preschool teacher who is moving next week-I'll get pics up when I do!

Now for the bonus buy of the week. If you buy the Pumpkin Add-On OR the Combo pack, you will get the name plates for FREE!!!! (no need to put it in your cart-it will be added automatically!)

Now, as a bonus for reading this LONG post, and to say thank you for all of your support. I have this fun Pumpkin Add-On Freebie: (Click on image to download)

I hope ALL of you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy some football and other fall activities! (OH, and I wanted to give everyone a hint....if you read might find a coupon good for my store this month ;) Good luck)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grab Bag Revealed...yes I'm late!

Okay, so I realized tonight that I never revealed my grab bag from the Birthday Celebration. I had three products. If you like any of them, go to my store at SM!!! The first was an acrylic alpha "C Thru."

I also made a new paper pack, which I love..."Wide Ruled":

And, my fun mini Halloween kit: "Fun with Jack!" I've decided from now till Halloween I'm putting Jack on sale! So, go to SM to get this mini-kit for only...wait for it....$1!!!!! What a deal!

Plus I put the "Mint Chocolate Chip" Paper Pack in the store too. I made this as a participation prize for the Speed Scrap I hosted a few weeks back.

Now, here is something REALLY exciting...and just for you regular blog readers...I am offering a coupon, good till the end of the month. I am going to give you 15% off any purchase totally $2.00 or more! You can only use it once so make sure you get everything you want! Use the coupon code: founditontheblog to get the discount! I will probably forget to remind people, but you never know when I get a new kit out...maybe i'll put a reminder out there for the sale? Not sure! So, go to my store, and grab something!

I'm caught up with my freelance job for the week...and what a long week it was! It stinks doing five days of work, maybe six, in just four days. But, I made my deadlines-thanks to a small extension! And this weekend, I'm going to try to design. I'm so excited. It has literally been weeks. Maybe I'll even bust out a freebie...not sure what. If you have a request, please leave me a comment, and maybe I'll whip something special up! Hope all of you have a Saturday full of awesome college football! Go Baylor! And, just in case I'm not back before Sunday: Go Cowboys!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where have I been?

Hey all! I've been SO busy-obviously. But, the main thing that has been keeping me away from blogging is the migraine headaches I've been having. I've tried to limit my time at the computer to just working. Then, I'd go sleep for a bit, then work. Lovely.
The kids and I did go to Texas this weekend for Andrienne and Dan's wedding! M was the flower girl. She was just beautiful and did a great job! I hope to do a layout or two this weekend with some of the photos i took. Here is one from the cute is she!?!?!

We also went to the Baylor v. OU game. Yeah, OU is very good. But, the kids and I had a good time with the fam! We got this free photo from the BU marketing dept. Thought it was fun. It was so hot, i got sunburned, and the worst migraine of all came on during the game. never good. I was in bed for nearly 24 hours after this. I did make it to the chair to watch the Cowboys!

In addition, I am hosting the Word Up! Challenge at SM this week. We are focusing on Acrostic poems! I did this LO of my kids for the challenge. You have all month to finish it. Go here to see all of the rules and/or play along! Okay, must go work again!

OH! And, please make it to the Speed Scrap tonight at SM...Andrea is hosting a great one at 8 pm Central! I wish I could be there, but I actually am having a date night with my hubby! yeah!