Saturday, October 31, 2009

NYC Marathon

When we lived in NYC (brooklyn), the marathon would pass at the end of our block. So each year, we'd walk down and cheer for the runners. It was super fun! My friends Amy and Sarah get together every year to cheer on the runners from mile 20. Sarah used to tease me that my cheering from mile 1 or 2 wasn't near as needed as mile 20! ha ha.

Anyway, I just wanted to put a shout out to my friend Tiayanna! Here she is with her number. She'll be running the NYC Marathon tomorrow! Good luck girl! I'm so proud of you!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm back!

What a vacation! I wanted to post so much while in Hawaii, but just couldn't get there! I can't remember if I told everyone where I was going last week or not. Heath and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation (us only) to Maui!!! We've been wanting a getaway for a LONG time now and finally got it! It was a celebration also, that we made it. We made it through med school and residency, and we are still standing. Although there were many many times we thought we would fall over, fall down, etc. But, we got back up, dusted off and kept going. Now, I cannot tell you how much fun we had! We flew out of Phoenix Thursday morning and landed in Maui that afternoon, many hours later! LOL!
I'm only going to post one thing tonight, but last Friday, instead of having a new release and show offs, I totally took surfing lessons! HA! I know, crazy right? It was the one thing Heath wanted to do, so I said yes! Here I am (don't look too closely! ;) standing up! I had a great ride the last time out. I was recovering from bronchitis and had tons of issues breathing after paddling out to my instructor, but it was SO fun! I'll totally have to do a page on this, asap! :)

Then Friday night, we went to a luau. yeah, that wasn't so much for us. In fact, it was a cheesy Wayne Newton kinda show, but we had a good time...we laughed the whole way through it! ;)

I'll post later on our other days, I promise, but now it's time for other things!

Last week, I had a couple of new releases; I just couldn't get here to post! And, totally forgot to schedule it! I have two additions to my blogwear line! Oh, and grab my new blinkie too--over on the side! Denise did a great job with it!

Fall Blogwear (as you see, I changed my blog decor!)

Black and White Blogwear

And now for some showoffs!

Great job ladies! Love seeing those layouts!

And, today as a gift, I am giving you a choice of product. Just email me and tell me which one you want and I'll get it to you!

Now for a reminder! If you have a LO using any of my products, please send them to me. I'm asking now that they be created within the last 2 weeks! Just send me an image or a link to hhaynay at gmail dot com. Don't forget to put Show Off in the subject!

In addition, go post your LOs on my Facebook page! If you do, you'll enter to win a $5 GC given away each month! YEAH!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday: Fall Splendor Pumpkin Add on!

What a great day to have a great sale! My Pumpkin Add On to Fall Splendor is on sale today only for $2!!! Take a look!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A disclaimer

Prior to this date, there may be projects or layouts that I have created and/or posts on my blog that are endorsements made with product that I received for free.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is here!

Last week I released Falling for Pumpkins. I am loving this kit and all of the pages I've seen with it! This week, I'm releasing a couple of products to go with FFP! "Pop Dot Alpha: Fall" was made as a Participation Prize and is now in the store.

In addition, I've made the Fall Journal Boxes!

Here is the page I made with these two products (also using Sahlin Studio's Tuck and Wave templates) :

And a few more to help inspire you!


NeeNee from SM's CT:

I have a few Show Offs this week also! These ladies will be receiving the Fall Journal Boxes as their gift for using my products!

If you have used any of my products, I would love to see them and show them off!

Just email me the image or a link to your image! And you too will receive a small

gift of appreciation!

In addition, post your LO on my fan page and get in a drawing to receive a $5 GC to

my store!!!

And, one last thing. I will not be having show offs next Friday, as I will be on a little vacay with my hubby (see post below)! We'll pick it back up on Oct 30!!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyday Magic

This week's Everyday Magic challenge at SM was "theme songs." And, right now I totally have one! Next Wednesday night, my DH and I are headed on a little vacay for just the two of us! At first we'd wanted to go to Napa and the wine country, but as we starting looking at prices, trips, we found that for less money, we could go to Maui! I've never been to Hawaii, and it's been YEARS since Heath has. So, next Wednesday, we are jumping on a plane! So, I totally have a theme song right now. Here is the page I did.


I hope you go do this challenge. If you don't know anything about the SM challenge system, you can go here to learn about it. It's really awesome, earning you discounts to products at our store!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Safety and Face Book

Hey friends and fans! First of all....October is Fire safety month. And, apparently, M has been learning about it in her preschool. The other day, M asks: "what do you do if the fire is at the window? You go out the door. What do you do if the fire is at the door? You go out the window!" Then, I asked, "What do you do if the fire is at the door and window?" M respond es, "PANIC!! Like this: AAAHHHH!"
It was hilarious!

Anyway, i'm starting something new on my Haynay Designs Facebook page. (If you aren't a fan, please go become one) If you use any of my products, post your LOs here (in the photos section-I will set up an album for each month)! And, once a month, I will randomly draw a name, who will receive a $5 GC to my store! Can't wait to see what you have made!!! Here is the link to my FB page: (this is in addition to my regular Show Offs here!)

Hope to see YOUR creations!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Since moving away from Texas, one of the things I most often miss is food. Shock I know. When you grow up with certain foods, and then that food is no longer available, you miss them! You don't realize the comfort in these foods! LOL! Anyway, in our last trip home to TX, we stopped at Whataburger within minutes of landing. OMGoodness, I love it. Not sure what it is about Whataburger, but my family LOVES it! So for some reason, I decided to take some pictures at Whataburger! And, here is the LO I completed Thursday at the Chat and Scrap that Denise hosted! Too fun!

And, here is the LO I did for the SS I hosted on Tuesday using WM[squared] and my new kit "Rough and Tough"!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall is for Pumpkins

I love fall. It's my favorite season for many many reason: leaves changing, the warm colors, sweaters, boots, jackets, FOOTBALL! I love fall! So, naturally, I HAD to do a fall kit this year. Are you ready to see it? Falling for Pumpkins is a beautiful versatile kit...perfect for Halloween, Pumpkin Patch, Foliage pics...etc!

Here is a closer look at the papers-I could not stop making them!

And, as a bonus this week, if you buy the kit, you will get the matching Falling for Pumpkins Flairs for FREE! (no need to put it in your basket, download is automatic!)

I also made some Falling For Pumpkin Worn Papers:

I have really enjoyed playing with this kit...almost as much fun as I had creating it!!! Here are my LOs--actually a two-pager:

And, for some creative inspiration:


Stacy (from SM):

How fabulous are those! Seriously!?! Go straight to my store to get Falling for Pumpkins (plus the bonus flairs)!

I also have a great freebie for you! Enjoy by downloading HERE!

And now for the showoffs! As a thank you for these Show Offs, everyone will get the Falling for Pumpkins Worn Paper Pack!

If you would like to be a Show Off, please email me at hhaynay at gmail dot com any page you create using ANY of my products!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My favorite Tree!

My favorite tree is the Aspen tree. I love them. I love the trunks, I love the shapes of the leaves, and I love the sound they make when the wind is blowing. My in-law's cabin is surrounded by them. I could stare at them all day long. My very favorite thing about Aspens is the beautiful colors they turn during the fall. It's just breathtaking. Last week, we went up to the Aspen Grove in Santa Fe National Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! Here are some pictures we took while there.

(H too this one)

Seriously, how beautiful is this! We were so thankful we got to experience this beauty of nature. It totally reminds me of how awesome God is that He made this! Amazing.