Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm officially a resident of Santa Fe!

Well, after a long week, the movers finally got to our house around 11 Saturday morning. It took them 12 hours to load, but did take breaks b/c it was over 100 degrees. too hot.
Sunday, dad and i headed out about 9 am, drove ALL day long...the dogs were awesome (0nly a couple of episodes of gas) and M was incredible. She is the WORST traveler ever, and we totally prayed for travelers mercy as we got on the Interstate in Arkansas. Our mercy consisted of M being a complete angel the entire trip! Finally we got to Santa Fe, and the new house at nearly midnight. OMGoodness, we are SO tired. We fed the dogs, unloaded and detached the trailer, blew up the air mattress, watched M run and scream through the house and crashed!

I only had one air mattress collapsed within like an hour. I had Emma sleeping nearly on top of me (she an 80+ pound lab!), my dad sleeping across the room, and didn't sleep much. I woke up at like 5:30! I need my sleep, seriously. I don't function well without it. I can't remember things, I get snappy, it's so not pretty! Oh, and on top of cell phone reception at the house. So, if you need to talk and I don't answer the cell, call the house! LOL!

So, we were all up and out of the house by 8 am. Found an awesome little bakery for breakfast. We ran errands to Target, PetSmart, Best Buy, Lowes, etc. Dad went to play golf with a partner in his firm, then M and I came home. We ate yummy Whole Foods for lunch and sat around, me dosing off and on in a lawn chair!!! How sad. Finally the cable guy--also the Internet-- came and I was in celebration to have access again. Seriously went through withdrawals. I couldn't even check emails from my cell. OMGoodness.

So, now I am watching the movers unload the truck, praying they finish soon. It's nearly 11 pm and I need to sleep. I'll try to post pics soon. I took my picture of the day yesterday of the wind farms right outside of Amarillo. Plus, the coolest sunset and the dogs/M asleep in the backseat. Too fun! Hope all is well...I hope to get designing or scrappin sooner than later! Thanks for all the well wishes with moving!

Friday, June 26, 2009

you must control your temper!

In the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, there is a scene where the candlestick and clock (I can't remember names, much less how to spell!) are telling Beast how to impress Belle...and they say at the end..."You must control your temper!!!" in unison. I'm thinking maybe I should watch that movie just to help myself relax a bit! And to remind myself that my parents raised me to "be slow to anger." That's straight out of the Bible...but, for the life of me, I can't recall if it's part of the fruits of the Spirit or the Love Chapter in 1 Corinthians. I digress...

We are still waiting on the movers and I feel like I've been controlling my temper and slow to anger both. But, it's almost gone. I told my Krewe on our message board today that my self control is evaporating in the's up to 100 today supposedly.

Please pray that this truck can get to us today, but at the latest....first thing in the morning. I SO want to be sitting on my new porch drinking coffee, dr. pepper, or as Geren suggested-a margarita! It's only in the 70s in Santa Fe today...I'm dreaming.

I've taken and downloaded some pictures...the first few are my house...what it is like to live for 4 days amidst boxes? I have no pots/pans/cups/bowls...and we have to weave in an out of the boxes to get through the house! LOL!

**I just got a call. The situation has improved. The driver that was supposed to move us got stuck in Colorado. But, they did find another one! He'll be here in the morning. Not as soon as I wanted, but better than nothing!

Yesterday was the day we met the buses for H to go to Kanakuk. I remember last year when this happened, I hadn't been blogging very long. In addition, I cried for three days. This year, it went smoothly, except that when H put his tennis shoes on yesterday, they were too little and we had to make an emergency stop at Academy sports to get new ones! Here is his new trunk that Heath painted for him! It's red and white in honor of the tribe he belongs to at Kanakuk-Cherokee! And, next is a picture of us as he's getting on the bus! I already miss him, but at least no tears, yet! We pick him up July 18!!! 4 weeks!

So, one of the advantages of still being here is that we were able to attend M's tball party. She got her very first trophy and was SUPER excited! Just look at that smile! She talked about it all night. She's watched H get many trophies and now has one all to herself! (He tends not to share his as she wanted!)

Even though this move has been a trying one, I am still so very thankful for all we have and the opportunities we've been given. Looking at my kids and knowing the things they get to do and the love they give me brings tears to my eyes!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plans Change...

So, it's Wednesday, and we are are still waiting for the moving truck to get here!!! Seriously, I'm not mad at's given me a couple of extra days for packing, etc. So now, they don't have to pack near as much as I originally thought! But, it has not helped my level of stress. I'm a planner...a trait I've gotten since being married to Heath. And, my plans are way off. I guess this is practice in flexibility! LOL! It looks like it will now be Friday the truck will be there.

But, all is pretty well in the Nay house. We went into Little Rock today to run a few errands before H leaves for kamp tomorrow. We ate lunch at Macaroni Grill, where M wrote her name for the very first time ALL ALONE! She didn't ask how to write her D or her Y, but did it all alone! So proud. Now, she did add an extra line on her N so it looks like an M, but what do you do!?!

I'm now laying in my own bed (which is an advantage of having the movers not here yet) and watching the College World Series. Love it!! I'm not really rooting for Texas, but I'm not rooting against them either. Same with LSU! I just enjoy some good college ball!

I need to get up and pack all of Hs stuff in his trunk, but am letting him play the Wii for a few before I kick him out! I also need to consider cleaning up a little. It looks so messy, but it's really not, there are just boxes everywhere!

My dad comes in the morning; we pick him up on the way to drop H at the bus. We were driving to SF together, but now it looks like he and Heath will be playing a round of golf instead!
Well, I'm off to watch some ball! I might be back tomorrow; I might not!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm avoiding

So, the movers are supposed to come today, but it might be tomorrow as they've hit a snag in Colorado. Yesterday, i packed 25 boxes...and i should say between the hours of 2 and 9....with a break for dinner! LOL! I have more to do today...I'll take pics and show everything, that will also be a very good way to avoid finishing up today!

Last Thursday was Heath's graduation from his residency program! I'm so proud of him! We've worked very hard over the past 8 years getting to this point! Now, we feel like "what's next?" We've accomplished all the goals we've set before us, now what!?! My older sister jokingly said "paying off your student loans!" Isn't that the truth. Although, I don't want to think about them, it makes me physically ill to think about how much we now owe for going to medical school. gag.

So, here are a few pics of the family at the ceremony.

Dr. M giving Heath his "clock."

All of the 3rd year Emergency Medicine residents.

the fam

Heath and his parents

all of us

Maybe I'll be back later to show you some moving pictures...this move definately needs a page or two for my album!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jaime rocks!

Okay, I just have to show you this. I'm looking through our forum and come across this amazing Father's Day present that Jaime made! Jaime is our hybrid team leader and is just amazing! She used "School's Out for Summer" and "Chip off the Old Block" alpha...I just LOVE IT!?!? Great job Jaime!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Diamond All Stars and a NEW Grab Bag...and a Freebie?

Hey all!!!
It's Friday and that means new release day at SM! Today is super fun because the designers at ScrapMatters have joined together and created 6 awesome collab grab bags!!! I am part of Mystery Mix Grab Bag 1!!! Mickey B, Plum Dumpling, Denise Beatty Originals and I designed this grab bag together! This is just such an awesome grab bag, you just must go get it!

Here is my page I did using the grab bag!

And, here are pages made by the Hunnies!
And, after several requests...I designed (instead of packing) this amazing softball kit! "Diamond All Stars" is made with fabulous girly colors!

And, this week'll get this fabulous fun softball word art FREE with purchase of "Diamond All Stars!"

Here is my page:
And some pages my Hunnies made...not all are softball!!! This is a super versatile kit!

And, today, I also have a freebie for you that matches "Diamond All Stars!" Click here to download!

Don't forget to stop by ScrapMatters to get all of the fabulous grab bags and new products!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you help us?

I don't do this fact probably never. I love politics and the political system we have in place. I do not discuss politics with many people, certainly not on my blog! But, this is not about political parties...this is personal. Please read the letter below...and if you feel the need...I urge your to contact your Representative.


My name is L. I made this sign for a rally at my grandfather's dealership when my Mom explained to me that it was being taken away from our family because the Automotive Task Force forced Chrysler into bankruptcy. My great grandfather bought this dealership in 1970. My grandfather bought it from him in 1994. My mom works there now as the General Manager. Many of you know Chrysler has stolen lots of franchises in America. One of those was my family's business. Now I want to tell you the rest of our story.
Chrysler did not take Dodge away from my grandfather to reduce their dealer body as they have told the Senate, Congress, and news media. Chrysler took my grandfather's store to give it to someone else. This was their plan from the very beginning. The new dealer will not pay a penny for our family's business and is planning on renting my grandfather's location. Chrysler will have their chosen man reopen the dealership on August 1, 2009. My mom says there are lots of dealers across America just like my grandfather.
Your tax money was used to help Chrysler make decisions about which dealer survived while they were in bankruptcy. Sadly, there was nothing an affected dealer like my grandfather could do. They could not appeal. They could not sell their business. They could not even sell their left over cars after June 9, 2009. Even though most people believe this is illegal, there is not even anyone to sue. There is nothing my grandfather can do.
I want you to help me get my family's Dodge franchise back. Please contact your congressman and request they co sponsor H.R. 2743. This bill will return the terminated franchises to my grandfather and almost 3000 other American dealers who had their businesses stolen. This will not cost our government any money.
Please share this with everyone you know, especially people in other states. You can click here, to find the information about how to contact your representative. We have to do it fast. My mom says if you help me we can get our dealership back.
Love, L

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Pages!

AAAhhhh! How did I forget? I'm so drugged! My allergies are going haywire, or I have a head cold. Anyway, I took some meds this morning, and I am not okay...sudafedrin makes me loopy!

Anyway, I mentioned the album that I made for Mady in the post earlier today...well, I've made that album into Quick Pages!?!?! I actually have 2 sets!! If you buy both, then you can have an album of your little ones' school year in no time!?!?

"School's Out for Summer" Set 1

"School's Out for Summer" Set 2:

Here are some of the pages/spreads that these QPs came from!

Templates and an Alpha!

New Release Friday is HERE!!! I just love Fridays! Since it's summertime and we are about to move, my designing has been a bit limited! But, I did get a set of templates made!

"Simplicity: 2 page templates" stemmed from making an album in which I needed 2 page spreads!
Here is the fabulous creativity of the Haynay Hunnies--who used these templates and some of my other kits!

In addition, I am releasing the alpha I made last week as a participation prize for Cyndi's Speed Scrap!

"Colored Bubbles" alpha matches my School's Out for Summer kit! It's super cute too! Just look at these layouts the Hunnies have made!
Deanna, Jennifer, and Julie used both the alpha and the templates for these pages!
Can I tell you something sad? I haven't even made pages using anything this week...haven't even had time, energy, or inspiration to scrap!??!! What is the world coming to?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Please run to my store and pick up these fun new releases!