Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Jokin'!

Happy April Fools Day! This was my due date 35 years ago...but i was late...18 days late! That' was an April Fools on my mom!

So, I'm heading off again...no jokin'! My sweetest husband gave me the go ahead to head to NYC in the morning. You see, my Baylor Bears Basketball team is in the finals of the NIT Championship! They play Penn St. Thursday night and I am going to be there...totally by myself, but at least I'll be there! Too fun!!! Plus, I get to see my friends!

In addition, Heather (Tuttle) has made a freebie for you guys out of "Sugar Pea"! She's made a desktop calendar...and it's too cute! Here is what I've done with some pics of the beach in Charleston!

Click on the preview to download...don't forget to leave her some lovin'! Have a good one!

Sic 'em Bears!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation Blues

I had coffee with my bff from high school last Monday night and remember her saying she had the vacation blues when she got back from Hawaii....yeah, that would be me now. I'm so sad we had to leave Charleston today! My lil sis moved there in January to be with her man...We'd never been before so we headed East for Spring Break. And, OMGoodness, had the BEST time!
On Thursday, we headed to the Aquarium...so much fun. The kids loved it. Both of them touched a crab and a sting ray. Plus, they had a penguin exhibit, and my children thought it was hilarious every time one of the penguins "shook his bootie." M laughed and laughed at it!

Friday, we were going to head to the Children's Museum, but I wanted to stop at the beach for some pictures...you know so I could scrap them. After some cute ones, they wanted to walk in the water-which was FINE. That is...until M fell and was completely soaked! (her cute new outfit was not ruined thank God!) So, we then let them play. I had to run across the street and buy a couple of beach towels; then we headed to Target to buy a couple of swimsuits...my children elected to go play in the 60 degree water instead of the museum...hey, at least it was free! They had a blast. H befriended some teenagers (who later said he was a "cool kid"); they also taught him to sand surf. Totally fun! We were so tired when Heath's plane arrived, but managed to make it to dinner with Chris' dad/stepmom. Fun times.

Saturday, we toured historic Charleston. It's so pretty! We also shopped a bit on King's Street. (we went to the Mac store...I'm leaning more and more towards one.) Then, we ate lunch, looked at wedding venues, and headed to the outlet mall. Totally fun!

Sunday, we headed to Savannah. We met my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family for lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant. Totally fun. Savannah is also a beautiful city. We will have to go back and learn more about the history! After watching some basketball, we headed out for pizza. Yummy! Amber ordered a chicken/feta pizza that was to DIE for! Yum! After that...guitar hero! (while I packed the boys played!).

We got on a plane early this morning, so I've been up for way too long! I'm heading to bed now, but wanted to say hey to all my peeps out there! Hope you all had a great week! Tomorrow I have a list of things, one of which is design!

I've been meaning to say this, but if you've made a LO or anything else with any of my kits, I'd LOVE to see them! Just email me at hhaynay at gmail dot com! I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh, one more thing...SM has a Speed Scrap at 11 am Central on Tues, March 31! Hope to be there!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bluebonnets...I love Bluebonnets!!

Today we went to take pictures in the bluebonnets. I realize that most people in the world have no idea what bluebonnets are...but Texans do! The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas....it blooms during March and early April. There is nothing prettier than driving down a highway that is bordered by bluebonnets--a sea of blue! Here are a couple of pictures from today.

How cute is that picture! My nephew and M...they are 9 months apart. Tomorrow, I'm heading home tomorrow, then to see my little sister in Charleston! Have a great week! Maybe I'll get to post some pictures from there too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Blinkie!

Hey all! Denise (neeceebee) just made me a new fan blinkie...and I'm in LOVE with it! Look how cute! You are welcome to grab it and sport it if you are a fan!! Thanks Denise!

Fixed link

I fixed the freebie link for Sugar Pea....scroll down to get the freebie!

Friday, March 20, 2009


H's team had a scrimmage tonight...he did great! Had a HUGE hit into center field...a triple! After, they had a 45 minute practice. He was catching for the coach (and looking at him) when someone threw a ball to him (he wasn't looking at the thrower---never throw the ball when someone is not looking!)...needless to say, I hear coach say "Watch out!!!" in time to look up and see H getting nailed in the face with a ball! Seriously!?!? Twice in one week? On the same side of the face!?!? Seriously!???!?!?! Poor guy.

You can see the picture I took at the ball field as we were leaving...there is an imprint of the ball. Luckily it missed his temple. He should be fine....nothing is broken! you can even see where the stitches hit him! He's so brave. He told me on the way home that he just wanted to go home, get in bed, and watch tv. He wanted this day to end. Poor little man! I'll take a picture in the next day or so to show everyone his black eye/cheek!

Baylor Mens' Basketball play tomorrow morning at Va Tech in the NIT. They beat Georgetown on Wednesday in a nail biter! Good luck Bears! After they game, we are leaving to go to Texas. We hope to get in 2 Baylor baseball games against Texas Tech. And, Sunday night the Lady Bears (a #2 seed!) play in the Women's NCAA tourney! We have a weekend full of sports watching! (not to mention the Men's NCAA! March Madness baby!) Hope everyone has a great one! Until next time...GO BEARS!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Head on Collision

So, my son was in a head-on collision last night, but thank God not in a car! But, instead, he and the base runner collided at home plate. He didn't have his mask on, but the runner had a mask attached to his helmet. I watched my son's head fly back in slow motion, i was expecting some major blood! But, his nose didn't bleed. He does though, have an imprint of the batting helmet on his face. Heath looked at it this morning when he got home from work. He thinks H probably has a broken nose, but there is nothing to do about it, so...we just let it go! I took a picture with my iPhone this morning. You can't really see it as it's not bruised, but his nose/under the eye is pretty swollen!

I also participated in the Speed Scrap yesterday at SM. I'm not loving this layout so I might redo it, but it's okay for now.

Today, Heath and I have been working on getting the house ready to put on the market. We've worked pretty hard and have gotten a lot of things marked off the list, but still have a few more to go. I'm afraid we are going to have to paint. I can see where we touched up...gag. I hate to paint, and heath doesn't have time. Not sure what we will do. We did find a cool piece of furniture (finally) to go under the television, though we decided to take the tv off the wall and place it on the piece. (and it was a GOOD price.) I'll post pictures when we take official pics of the house. I'm really loving my house right now. Why do we wait until it's time to sell a house before we fix it up? Oh well. At least I'll have some cool stuff for the next one!
Until next time...have a fantastic day! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah...not sure if you are reading this blog, but just in case I wanted to give you a shout out! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you wore green!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Little Princess!

Hey all! I said I'd be back today to post pics of M from her costume party. Well, here are a few shots I took of her before the party! She just looks SO big! It makes me tear up a bit! Oh well...

Oh, I must say...I am so proud of Baylor! We lost in the Big 12 finals, but they played their hearts out! I know we won't be in the big dance, but the NIT is probably calling our name! I think we should be considered for the NCAAs b/c we do have a 20 win season and though our conference record isn't the best...we have some signature wins: Arizona St., Wash St., Providence, Kansas, and Texas...but nobody asks me!
Our women play today for the Big 12 Championship. They are so fun to watch, though I'm scared to do so b/c every time I do...they lose. Not good! I'm cheering them on big time though. They have an excellent chance to be a #1 seed and make a run for the title! Have a great selection Sunday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party in the Rock

We have already started partying! My Baylor Bears knocked off the teasips of Texas last night, and my family (mom-raised an aggie, sis, son, nephew and i) were partying and having a good time last night! We also cheered for OSU (my almost brother-in-law's school) but they fell short. Seriously, I LOVE March Madness!
Today, starting a noon, we have M's 4th birthday party! I can't believe my baby is four. She just got out of the bathtub and is jumping up and down screaming, "It's my birthday party! I can't wait till my birthday party!" So fun...she is just like me!
Anyway, so then at 1:45 H has a party and at 3 pm M's good friend Hayden has a birthday party.
In addition, we are having a watch party at 5 pm for Baylor Basketball! We play Mizzu in the Big 12 tournament finals! This is the only way we get in the big dance so we are cheering big time! TOO FUN!
I hope everyone has a great day! I will be back in the next few days to post pics of M's party! (it's a costume party!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sugar Pea and a freebie!

Good morning world! I'm never up this early...or at least doing things! I'm not so much of a morning person. But, my sister, mom , and nephew are here for M's birthday party so the house wakes up a little earlier and a bit louder! I've been watching basketball for two days now!?!? Anyone else watching? And, I just want to put a shout out to my Baylor University Bears! Woo Hoo! We upset Kansas yesterday, and it was a fun game for me to watch! I'm already pumped for our game tonight against Texas.
Anyway, on to the task at hand! Like I said M's birthday party is tomorrow; she'll be four on Monday! I designed her invitation to match the cake I picked out. And, a few days later, I ended up with a new kit!!! "Sugar Pea" is PERFECT for any girl layout...big or little! I've already found it SO easy to work with and am truly in love with it! (And, I'm not even a pink kind of girl!)

With the short notice I gave the CT, they did a marvelous job on their LOs!!!


Kim (from the SM team!)


And, here is mine (I did this for the Tuesday Template challenge at SM! Template by Linz)
In addition to the kit, I'm put together another iPhone album! Remember: this is also a 4x6 brag book album if you want!!! Seriously, I had more fun putting this together!

And, through MONDAY only....you will get this album FREE with the purchase of "Sugar Pea!" There is no need to put it in your cart. It will automatically be there to download!

In addition, I DO have a FREEBIE for you! Click the image to download!

***I put this on 4shared. click the preview for download. Sorry about the other being out of bandwidth....and that it took me so long...been a crazy week!

I do hope you love this kit...run to ScrapMatters and grab it now!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What a Weekend!

So, Friday around noon, my throat started hurting. By that evening, at Hunter's baseball game, it was really bad and I was running fever. Great. Seriously, I do not think I have been as sick as I was this weekend since I had kids 8.5 years ago!!! I've never really thought I was a baby about being sick, though my husband might disagree, but this weekend, I was not pleasant! I think I slept 2-3 times more than I was awake. Here is where I also say a blessing/thank you to God that H was able to get nearly everything he and his lil sister needed! (heath, of course, worked 2 twelve hour days.)

I woke up this morning still not feeling great, but after a nap and another dose of tylenol and antibiotic, I began the upward turn. It still hurts to swallow, but at least I can get food down!

In addition, I was able to play a bit today on my computer! I did a LO for the Grand Theft Layout for last week.

Plus, after dinner tonight, I snuck in an entry for the Speed Scrap...and it was a seriously SS! I did this page in only 25 minutes! (with my football fanatic and hoop it up kits!)

Now, I've finished leavin' love for the other pages done for the SS and am on my way to bed! I hope to design a bit tomorrow; i have a new kit swirling in my head! But, I'm afraid, the house will be calling my name, along with the laundry, baseball practice, flowers to plant, and a garage sale to get ready for! (not to mention M's birthday party to get ready for on Saturday!) and, I wonder why my body decided I needed some sleep! ha!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick Page Exchange

Hey all! "Hoop It Up" is being featured this month for the Quick Page Exchange at SM! As a result "Hoop It Up" will be 30% off ALL month! That means, this kit is only $2.80!!! How fun! We are doing a March Madness thing...totally fun. I guess I need to get started on my QP for the challenge. To find out more about this, go here! (Don't forget that Football Fanatic matches this kit too for even more options!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's A Jungle Out There!

It is Friday, thank God! Long week of baseball for us! But, the best thing about today is the release of my new "Twice as Nice" Collab! Simply Sweet Designs and I teamed up to make this fabulous collab!!! It's a Jungle Out There!

And, today ONLY, you get this fabulous collab for 20% OFF!!! Click on the preview to grab it!

And, here is what my fabulous Hunnies did with the kit:





And, mine:

Seriously, this collab is full of fabulous stuff! Go to the store to grab it today!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hoop It Up!

March Madness is on the WAY! WOO HOO!!! I love this time of year...not only is it getting warmer, but March Madness begins. We get the whole package with direct tv so that I can watch all the games at once. I play in a bracket and have for a while now! I just love it!

So, to celebrate, I've made a new kit just in time for March Madness! Take pictures of your watching parties and have fun playing. (I also realize that people outside of the US have no idea what I'm talking about...so a quick explanation is March Madness is a 3 week basketball tournament that includes 64 college basketball teams. It is madness because you truly never know who will win...the championship is up for grabs!)

It is SO fun!?!? I'm getting excited just typing about it! (oh, my group of friends in NYC do the bracket together...yes we play for money...anyway, we are almost all BIG basketball fans. My daughter was born the day before MM began, so we nicknamed her "March Madyness!" Just a tidbit of useless information for all of you.) And, now to show you my new kit: "Hoop It Up!"

(I would also like to say. I made the colors to match Football Fanatic. So, if you have that kit, add this to make a mega sports kit!?!?!)

And, to see what my CT did (and not all for basketball, as some don't like/watch basketball)

Emilee (look at that blending...to die for!)

And, here is mine!In addition, the team and I put a few quick pages together and have made a 4 x 6 brag book!

Last, but not least...a freebie. I made some basketball word art that I want to share with you! Enjoy! Click preview to download it!