Friday, May 14, 2010

Speed Scrap!

Seriously, I don't Speed Scrap enough. I used to do them all the time and have been completely busy lately. I need to do more. Such a fun time and the chat room was packed tonight. Even Shari was chatting to keep herself occupied while she awaited word from her son. You see, her daughter in law was giving birth to her first granddaughter! HOW FUN! And, she was born during the SS! Congrats Shari!

So, you want to see what I made? I gave the ladies a vote: Disney pics or Italy...this is what they chose.

I used Sarah Bennett and my collab World Traveler. I am in love with this page! (OH and I used Chelle's Creations Building Blocks 1...which I also love!

These are my pics from Vatican City...we got to see the pope.

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