Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from the Lake

We are back! The Nay family had the absolute best time ever! Our friends, Josh and Marci, were the best hosts and showed us a great time! We swam, knee boarded, surfed, tubed, ate, and road in the boat. The kids were so happy and content the entire weekend, as were Heath and I! Here are some pictures from the weekend. Some of the ones I truly wanted to show I think we took with Marci's camera...I'll have to get copies asap!

The family...Mady was scared; we later found out that she thought sharks were living in the lake and were going to eat her...after we explained otherwise, she got much better!
Heath is surfing right behind the boat, I mean within arms reach...these guys are crazy. But, I might be more so b/c Sunday, I let him take Mady and Hunter on the board! YIKES! Heath's feet while surfing...he's crazy, seriously!

Hunter knee boarding. I don't have the ones of him learning to ski.
Hunter "jumping in" WITH Mady, yeah right....pulling her in is more like it!
Here is Mady and I tubing. She was willing once she learned there were no sharks! HA! See, I did do something besides relax in the boat, but not much!
We had a great time this weekend! Now, I need to get to scrappin' these pictures!

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Lisa said...

Awesome photos! So glad you all had a great time!!