Thursday, July 10, 2008

BusyDay and look at this picture!

So today was so busy, though I am not sure what i did! HA! No really, the kids let me lie in bed till 9. That was awesome. I got up and started cleaning the house and tackling the piles of laundry. Gag, i really hate laundry! So, then we decided to go swimming for a couple of hours. That was great b/c it was super hot (high 90s) and the water felt great. I guess I missed a few spots on my back with the sunscreen b/c now I have a dang sunburn. I hate that.

After we came home, mady and mommy took a good nap while Hunter watched tv, and Heath did some research. Then we took the kids to see Wall-E. I can't decide what I thought about it. There was some things I loved about it: the animation, the ability to give a character SO much personality w/ no words! Plus, the originality of the script! I love Disney/Pixar! BUt, it was rather boring...if I heard Eve or Walle one more time i was going to pull my hair out! Oh well....the kids loved it and that is really what matters! I made yummy Rachel Ray pasta (thank you Tbap for that recipe heads up). Then was inspired to clean the kitchen so I could participate in the Speed Scrap at! SO much fun! Here is the LO I ended up with: (Oh and look at this picture of my kids. Can you tell how happy Mady was to see her Hunter? It might be one of my favorite of them!)

Credits:paper: haynay (funky girl kit); frame: britt-ish designs (just married); hanger: britt-ish designs (just married); heart: weeds and wildflowers; stitching: haynay; alpha: britt-ish designs (a kid again); swirls: britt-ish designs (just married)
Okay, and keep your eyes open. I am looking at another freebie to post. I am thinking of an alpha, but if you have requests, let me you want it original, or do you want it to match digitreats' kits again? Let me know in the comments section! You all are awesome! Thanks for coming to visit every day! Freebies are a way for me to give back a bit!


Jody said...

I could use another Alpha for the Digitreats kit - especially for the Jump series. Thanks for all the addons you provide for this amazing kit

Ladybug Graphix said...

I just saw that you have entered into a design contest at DID....just in case you have never heard of the little garden....I thought I would stop by and invite you to participate in our designer competition at are a small site, and are looking for ambitious, creative, honest, and dedicated designers.....Have an awesome day....

PSSSS...Love your blog, can't wait to get to know you better!!!

Amy said...

I'd love to have another Digitreats alpha! I really enjoyed your circles papers! Thanks again for sharing with us!