Saturday, October 10, 2009


Since moving away from Texas, one of the things I most often miss is food. Shock I know. When you grow up with certain foods, and then that food is no longer available, you miss them! You don't realize the comfort in these foods! LOL! Anyway, in our last trip home to TX, we stopped at Whataburger within minutes of landing. OMGoodness, I love it. Not sure what it is about Whataburger, but my family LOVES it! So for some reason, I decided to take some pictures at Whataburger! And, here is the LO I completed Thursday at the Chat and Scrap that Denise hosted! Too fun!

And, here is the LO I did for the SS I hosted on Tuesday using WM[squared] and my new kit "Rough and Tough"!


scrappymelly said...

love your layouts! I was the same way with Chick-fil-a when I moved from Georgia to the west coast. Of course now they are all over out here, but they weren't then. And I understand the love of Whataburger...we had one about 45 mins from us and it just closed out of no we have to get them in Phoenix when me son has appointments with his neurosurgeon lol

Laramie said...

Just did the cutest layout with my new kit Rough and Tough. Love It!


Haynay said...

don't forget to send your new LO to me! It'll be a great show off!