Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyday Magic

This week's Everyday Magic challenge at SM was "theme songs." And, right now I totally have one! Next Wednesday night, my DH and I are headed on a little vacay for just the two of us! At first we'd wanted to go to Napa and the wine country, but as we starting looking at prices, trips, we found that for less money, we could go to Maui! I've never been to Hawaii, and it's been YEARS since Heath has. So, next Wednesday, we are jumping on a plane! So, I totally have a theme song right now. Here is the page I did.


I hope you go do this challenge. If you don't know anything about the SM challenge system, you can go here to learn about it. It's really awesome, earning you discounts to products at our store!

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Kelseyll =) said...

Oh...I am so happy for you to get to go to Maui!!! WE LOVED IT! We went for our 10th Anniversary and liked it best since it wasn't so "commercialized". It was quiet, serene, laid back and just beautiful!! =) We went to the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum..that was pretty interesting. AND...we attempted to see the sunrise at Haleakala. Check that out online if you want to do that to get the times right. It is beautiful! But it was windy & cold for us...take a coat! I hope you try the Road to will be time intensive and we didn't make it due to Luau plans! Its 40 miles with 600 hairpin turns!!! But I'm told it is worth it. About 10 miles in we stopped at the Garden of Eden where a shot in Jurassic Park was filmed. If Bud "The Birdman" Clifton is there at the end you can get your pics taken with all kinds of tropical birds...he uses your camera! It was like $20.00 and were some of the best pics of the trip! (sigh) Wish I was going!