Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I finally feel caught up this week. Even though I still have a lot to get done, it's more manageable now!
I'm so thankful for my new freelance job. I started it this weekend. I haven't worked on anything all year, and I'm afraid that I've forgotten how to write curriculum! luckily comes back to you. So, I've spent lots of time this week writing.
Next, M's school has a fund raiser every year. I can't remember what these things are starts with an F, but back home we call them luminaries. They are the bags that people line their sidewalk with at Christmastime. The bags have candles in them. Anyway, I've been folding bags for days it seems. I have to fold 400 of them!!!! RU kidding me? nope, I'm not. H has helped a bit while we watch football and the world series together. So, I guess tonight, we'll do that again. I'm almost done, okay, at least I'm halfway!! :)
And, in addition to just getting back into the routine of life after Hawaii, and the fact that my kids decided to be sick for 4 days (both of them)...I also have to get ready for FRIDAY! It's the start of our DSD Sale at SM!!! Saturday is Digital Scrapbook Day! And we are celebrating it big this weekend! We have a sale, grab bags, blog trains, lots going on! I have a new kit and a new grab bag coming out! Be on the look out on Friday! :) Here is the ad:

So, today, because I actually feel caught up and am not a stress case, I decided that I could take the time to do a daytime speed scrap! Wendy of Neverland Scrap hosted it. And, since I'm on Saturday of my Maui update, I did a page for that!

Saturday morning, Heath and I woke up, ate breakfast, and were off to the Saturday Swap. We bought most of our souvenirs there, for a lot less money! Totally fun. Plus, I got a new hat (see newest layout) that is perfect for the beach. (I'll be taking it to Jamaica for my little sister's wedding in June!)
After that, we drove down the road to eat at Momma's Fish House. Okay, this view is fabulous. I put this picture in the LO, but I have to show it to you bigger! Look at this!

It's a postcard people, but I TOOK that! OMGOodness, how beautiful! And the food was yummy!
Following the lunch, we went on a helicopter tour of the island. This was my pick of what I wanted to do! I scored people. It was AWESOME! I've never done anything like that. I love roller coasters, etc., so this was right up my alley! Here we are in the helicopter.

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel, went to the pool, read a bit, then went out to dinner at a local place-I think the name of the restaurant was Mala, but I can't remember. I've slept since then. We had a great meal, some fabulous wine, and serious conversation talking about how far we've come since we got married!
WOW, what an adventure we've been on. I'm so thankful for my dear husband. He's such an awesome example to our children of how hard work, determination can get you where you dream of being! Heath, love you so much!

Now, the kids and I have totally been counting down to our family trip. When Heath finished residency, he wanted to do something for the kids. They've sacrificed lots of things many of their friends never had dad working instead of being at a baseball game or Christmas program. We had no control over his schedule at the hospital and got used to grabbing time with him when we was around. Anyway, Heath decided in May that he wanted to take the family to DisneyWorld! So fun! So, I've been planning, etc for our trip. We are down to like 23 days! I can't believe it! We are so excited. I cannot wait for everything we will experience as a family. WOO HOO!

Well, this was longer than I planned, thanks for milling through it! See y'all on Friday with my new goodies!

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Kelseyll =) said...

OMGosh that picture is stunning!! I'm so happy that you guys got the chance to go...just the 2 of you! It sounds like you have lots of fun vacation destinations to look forward to...wish I did!! LOL =) Anything to get out of this Seattle rain rain rain!!