Friday, November 20, 2009

One for the Money

Have you ever had one of those weeks? One that everything goes wrong, blows up, and life seems impossible to get through? Yeah, me too. This week was like that for us. We have had awful sewer problems, stomach flu, and so many other yuck things. Stress. That sums up my life right now!
But, as my almost BIL reminded me...God never gives us more than we can handle. Now that does not mean that you might not have a break down in the midst of everything! LOL!
Luckily, before it got too bad around here, I finished a new set of templates: "One for the Money v. 2." This is a set that I had a hard time figuring out which template I wanted to use to show these babies off! Let's have a look.

here is what I did using Wild Princess:

Dawn used School's Out for Summer and Chip Off the Old Block Alpha:

Diana used Once Upon a Shabby Christmas:

Erin used Just the Right medicine and Summer in the Hamptons:

Jill used Visions of Sugar Plums (collab with Andilynn Designs for the Nov. Newsletter!)

Kelli used Life's Bazaar:

Melissa used Angel Baby Girl:

How fun are those! I love it when templates take on a life of their own and really become your own! Melissa and Erin's are great examples of this! If you notice Jill used the boxes for photos instead of paper! Love it!

Now, if you have noticed the Disney counter at the top of my blog, then you will see that one week from today, my family is going to Walt Disney World!!! We are taking a familoy vacay and are super excited. we've decided our family theme song "Hakuna Matata" from the Lion King. I've loaded Disney songs onto my iPhone and we are listening to the songs in the car and having a great time! So, you know what this means right? No? I WILL have new releases next Friday, they will be just put on a scheduled blog! LOL! he he, you thought I wasn't going to have anything next week didn't you?

One thing I am not going to have for 3 weeks is Show Offs. I will resume Show Offs on Dec 11. So, finish those up and email them to me at hhaynay at gmail dot com! Now, for those ladies that have sent LOs in this week. (And, please if I've forgotten anyone, please for give, go read the first paragraph again. LOL)

These ladies will receive One for the Money v.2 template set as their thank you gift! I totally love seeing everyone's LOs. If you use ANYTHING of mine, please send me the LO and I'd love to show it off to others!

Hope all of you have a great, awesome weekend! Until later, be safe!

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Kelseyll =) said...

Lovin' those templates...can't wait til I receive mine! Thank you for making them the Show off gift!!! I hope your family has a well-deserved vacation! I wish we were going too...I'm so ready for a nice vacation!!!