Friday, October 10, 2008

Grab Bag Revealed...yes I'm late!

Okay, so I realized tonight that I never revealed my grab bag from the Birthday Celebration. I had three products. If you like any of them, go to my store at SM!!! The first was an acrylic alpha "C Thru."

I also made a new paper pack, which I love..."Wide Ruled":

And, my fun mini Halloween kit: "Fun with Jack!" I've decided from now till Halloween I'm putting Jack on sale! So, go to SM to get this mini-kit for only...wait for it....$1!!!!! What a deal!

Plus I put the "Mint Chocolate Chip" Paper Pack in the store too. I made this as a participation prize for the Speed Scrap I hosted a few weeks back.

Now, here is something REALLY exciting...and just for you regular blog readers...I am offering a coupon, good till the end of the month. I am going to give you 15% off any purchase totally $2.00 or more! You can only use it once so make sure you get everything you want! Use the coupon code: founditontheblog to get the discount! I will probably forget to remind people, but you never know when I get a new kit out...maybe i'll put a reminder out there for the sale? Not sure! So, go to my store, and grab something!

I'm caught up with my freelance job for the week...and what a long week it was! It stinks doing five days of work, maybe six, in just four days. But, I made my deadlines-thanks to a small extension! And this weekend, I'm going to try to design. I'm so excited. It has literally been weeks. Maybe I'll even bust out a freebie...not sure what. If you have a request, please leave me a comment, and maybe I'll whip something special up! Hope all of you have a Saturday full of awesome college football! Go Baylor! And, just in case I'm not back before Sunday: Go Cowboys!

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