Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not-a-normal Thursday

Last night we had the best time! We went to supper at Pei-Wei. Oh man, i love that place, and we've finally found something that H will eat! Thank God for Chicken Fried Rice! Then, Heath headed to work; the kids and I headed to Kanakuk Live! We got to see Pete (the director at the camp Hunter went to this summer) and Kay (from when I was a counselor there, and heath has known her since he was a kamper!). H was PUMPED to see Pete! He is such a neat man. I love that the people from Kamp LOVE these kids. It is such a testimony and witness that they do!
So, the kids were both home today-parent teacher conferences. I thought I'd be able to sleep in, well it totally didn't happen. Why is it when I can sleep late, I can't! Makes me mad thinking about it! And now, I totally want a nap! (which I was going to take until I realized I could catch the Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters!)
So far today, I have worked, done a load of laundry, taken the kids to larry's for lunch-I LOVE pizza!, had a parent/teacher conference and gotten H's report card (very good), chatted with my krewe on the message board, and of course Speed Scrapped! So, here is the LO I did! So fun! I used stuff from Ellie Lash, Digi Keepsakes by Monica, Brittish Designs, and my stuff too! I took these pictures of Hunter just minutes before the SS started. They were fun, so I decided to play with them. H got the DS for his birthday. He plays it alot, but will put it down the minute one of his friends calls him to play! Okay, now to get the house clean! yuck.

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Cra-Z-cat said...

really cute lo.. i like that date strip u used.. clever idea!! i'm gonna have to remember that one!!LOL!! thanks for sharing details bout ur day, enjoyable reading!!