Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of History

I spent the entire day watching CNN. Okay, so occasionally changed the channel to Fox News and CBS, but mostly, it was CNN. I couldn't take my eyes off the television and to know that I was watching history being made! I am not one to talk about politics...or at least not to people I don't know and love. I rarely will talk about my political stands either. But, I just think that everyone, no matter who you voted for, has to take in what has happened! We've got a new president! We have our first African-American president! Just absolutely amazing.

I so enjoyed watching the faces of the people in the crowd, the everyday, ordinary people who made the trek to DC. I love seeing hope in faces that may have never had hope before! Amazing. I loved hearing stories of those people who marched with Dr. King and fought for the rights for all! It is just so very touching!

Also, I love watching the Obamas as a family unit. Those little girls are just precious! I look forward to seeing them grow up. I love it! I think Michelle Obama just has class!

I cannot wait to see how everything plays out, but for today, I just have appreciation for history. So much so, that I truly cannot put it into words. I'm not a writer, but oh, how I wish I were! I am an artist tho, so here is how I have expressed my feelings.

photo taken by Jonathan Newton, the Washington Post

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Tracey said...

It was indeed historic and your layout is beautiful as always. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.