Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Baseball Really Here?

Amazing, seriously! I can't believe we are done with basketball (okay, we have a game Saturday.) and starting baseball! (tryouts are also Saturday.) Sunday we bought H a new bat, cleats, and sliding shorts. We also purchased some essentials for M--she'll be playing tball this year! She demanded a pink glove, cleats, and helmet! And, of course, got all three. So a girl needs pink, who cares?!!
Then, tonight, after throwing with the kids until dark, we took H to the batting cages. While there, we ran into his manager and a coach from last years team. So fun! My little man is growing up. Its amazing to see how tall he is, and now is swinging a bat that I know he couldn't get around last year! Also amazing is that he picked up right where he left off! He does love baseball. As do I. I cannot wait to start watching him play again. I'm a score keeper for his teams, usually, and believe it or not, it is actually difficult for me to watch a game if I'm not score keeping! I get way too nervous b/c I think about how he's doing too much. Silly, I know. So, in honor of baseball season, I thought I'd share a page from last year that I did. This was one of my very first LOs I did as a digi-scrapper. I used Misty Cato's clipping mask tutorial and scraplifted her page.

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