Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We had so much fun at the SS! I plan it during the day b/c I wouldn't have kids at home. And, of course, Madysen got an ear infection and had to stay home! Too funny. She was wonderful, playing quietly in the living room while I hosted. Here is my page that inspired the instructions.

There is also another SS tonight at 8:30 central! Don't forget the Daily Download--today is D3 and it's not too late to start!


LauriE said...

Love love love your stuff. I have been checking out the Scrapmatters stuff for some ideas for my Disney trip, and noticed you will be there same time as me! Keep the beautiful stuff coming, I need all the inspiration I can get!

Haynay said... are so sweet! I cannot wait till Disney. I'm a bit obsessed with it really! Hope to see you around SM sooN!

Anonymous said...

I like the day speed scraps too. I miss them though. I'm between computers right now and so I have to use the computer when no one else is on. I'm looking for a wireless card for my desk top so I can join in. By the way I'm loving the daily downloads. Thanks so much!

Laramie said...

I missed the Daily Down Load beginning will this kit be for sale? It is so cute and so great for boys. Love your work. I would love to pick it up when it's available.

Haynay said...

Yes, the kit will be for sale in the SM store when the DD is finished!