Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Long, Interesting Day

Note: I haven't had time to do pages over all of the following events, but I do have pictures to share. Scrap pages to come soon!

Well, I am still in recovery mode from our travels this weekend. M and I had the fun experience of visiting my friends in New York/New Jersey! We had SO much fun!!

Here is my godson...I brought him a cowboy cute is HE!?!?!

My friend, Tracey, and I took our daughters to American Girl Place. A and M LOVED it!!!

We walked down to the Disney Store on 5th Ave., but I was afraid M was TOO tired to walk all the way back, so I suggested a taxi. Tracey hailed a cab, and a LIMO pulled up!!! WHAT!?!? The driver asked us where we were going and offered to drive us for $5...uuuhhhmmm, yeah! So we hopped in and snapped pictures the entire ride! I even made Tracey take a picture of me paying the driver!! SO FUN!

Then, yesterday, after getting home Monday night, hard wood floors were installed in the living room. Today, was the carpet in the bedroom. We are getting the house ready to be put on the market. I sat in the LR, surrounded by the contents of my house today and nearly had a panic attack. SO, instead of panicking? I took pictures so I could remember that no matter how bad my house looks, its not as dirty as THIS day!!! I'll get pics of the new carpet when everything is back to normal.

So, tonight, Hunter decided to lose another tooth. No biggy, you say: "He's lost many teeth." You are right, he has. But, never have we lost one down the drain, and NEVER have I turned off the water and opened up the drain. GAG! Of course, the tooth wasn't there, but he did write a note to the tooth fairy. (He made sure to say that if she could, would she please get the tooth out of the drain! awesome!)

So now, I'm going to eat cereal for dinner and head to bed. Too bad Lost isn't on here until after midnight...don't ask, it is a very sore subject for me. Any other Losties out there? How good is this season!?!?!

Oh, and I forgot. I do have Daisy back, thank you for all the well wishes! She was so sick, but no viruses, just operating system issues. I've been working for days to re-install everything!

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Anonymous said...

Oh honey, do I have pictures for you of Adam in Baylor tee and cowboy hat!
And yeah, that cab ride... HYSTERICAL.