Sunday, May 3, 2009

3s...they come in 3s!

It has been raining for a week....I love rain, I really do. But, I'm so sick of it. Give me some sunshine. I think it's making me a little blue! Also, my allergies are killing me today. Headaches don't help much huh.
I guess you wonder what my subject head means...Yesterday, H was plugging Daisy in so he and M could surf the net together. He was reaching over our side table and knocked off my Hummel that Heath's sister gave me right after H was born...i cried. Seriously, I cried. I normally don't worry about things that break....they are only things, but this was super special b/c I associate it with my sweet baby boy! When I look at it, it takes me back to H being a baby. Anyway, that is #1., long story short...H was taking Daisy off my desk to watch a movie and the cord was tangled with my terabyte external hard drive. My TB EHD flew onto the floor with a bang. Hunter cried. It was an accident totally, but it's dead. I'm sending it to Darryl, the father of my godson. He's going to see how bad it is and if there is anyway to salvage it. Let's pray. It's a back up of most things, but there are a few things that are only on it. It won't ruin my life if it's dead totally. What do you do? (Seriously people, you need to back up everything in multiple ways! I have another 250 GB EHD and Mozy online's my obsession, but it apparently is a good thing!)
Third...there is always a third right? The kids were building a fort (with the Cranium fort set) and ended up sword fighting....not shocking in my house. I hear a scream from M and then silence....I knew it was not okay. I run through the house and meet H in the kitchen...he's holding M. M is crying. (See the pattern.) There is a gash in her arm, right below her elbow. It wasn't huge--maybe 1/4+ of an inch, but it looked deep. It wasn't just a scrape if you know what I mean! So, I send heath a picture of it, and we decide it needs to be looked at. (he is at work,) Long story short, it wasn't awful, but he decided it did need dermabond. (Is this sounding familiar? Did you read my blog earlier in the year? remember hunter getting "glued" up when he busted his head open?)
Anyway, we are all okay. The kids are in bed, as am I. I am typing on my new beautiful computer, MaceyGray. She is so pretty. I have started watching Slumdog Millionaire, but paused it b/c I need to fully pay attention. Maybe I should just wait...I'm pretty tired and don't want to have to concentrate on anything too much. Oh well...I'll figure it out!
Tomorrow is the last day to buy my Grab Bag if you haven't already! You really should do it! I LOVE using it in lots of pages :)
Okay, need to get back to my movie!

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