Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let the Fun dealing with life events

I'm so excited! We are in Santa Fe this week looking for a place to live. Heath has gotten a job here at the hospital in the ER. We are super pumped! So, we found a house yesterday and signed the lease last night!?!? WOO HOO! H requested a 2 story house so he could have a bedroom upstairs, and he is getting his wish! My wish was a cool patio so we can eat outside every night in the summer! And, I got my wish! Plus, the kitchen rocks! I love to cook, so it was oober important to me. We also visited schools and am very pleased with the elementary Hunter will be going to next year. So, do you want to see a couple of pics?

Now, I also have to say, it's been a super difficult week too. My in-laws are here with us. My FIL is a car dealer in Texas. Unfortunately, he was on Chrysler's closing list. (Dodge) So, his/our family owned and operated business of 40 years is closing in a few weeks. It has been super trying as this was his life's work. You don't expect at 63 to be losing everything you've worked for...and you are handing down to you children! (Well, not heath, but my SIL, holly is the GM.) Luckily, they also own a Hyundai dealership. I am so glad we've been able to spend this time with them as we are all grieving in our own way, but are leaning on one another. Please keep my in-laws in your thoughts and prayers in this transition!

Now that the big goal of a house in Santa Fe is met, we are going to play a bit in the next few days! I can't wait to go to all the art galleries and drink margaritas in a patio cafe! Pictures to come next week, or maybe this weekend!


Tracey said...

I will come and drink margs with you, H!

Emilee said...

I love your kitchen :)