Sunday, June 7, 2009

busy busy weekv

So, this week has been super busy, but a great week over all. I haven't had much time to blog...I really haven't even been designing or scrapping!

Heath took H on a fun rafting trip (down the Buffalo River) with the Phillips boys on Saturday. They got back on Monday, very tired, and just a little sunburned even though no sunscreen was used! Dads...LOL!

Some other activities include packing, cleaning the house, leaving the house while Realtors show it, seeing a movie, swimming, baseball, grilling out, swim parties...the list goes on and on. Oh, did I mention siblings fighting? LOL! I guess that is what happens when they are together 24-7! They will miss each other once H leaves for camp in a couple of weeks! So here are some photos of our week....i should just put them on a 365 page, but don't have that much time.

H and I spent Thursday together...we ate lunch at Pei Wei!

Friday we went to see Up!

lots of swimming!

M started jumping off the diving board with a life jacket...and never stopped! She's got no fear!

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