Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you help us?

I don't do this fact probably never. I love politics and the political system we have in place. I do not discuss politics with many people, certainly not on my blog! But, this is not about political parties...this is personal. Please read the letter below...and if you feel the need...I urge your to contact your Representative.


My name is L. I made this sign for a rally at my grandfather's dealership when my Mom explained to me that it was being taken away from our family because the Automotive Task Force forced Chrysler into bankruptcy. My great grandfather bought this dealership in 1970. My grandfather bought it from him in 1994. My mom works there now as the General Manager. Many of you know Chrysler has stolen lots of franchises in America. One of those was my family's business. Now I want to tell you the rest of our story.
Chrysler did not take Dodge away from my grandfather to reduce their dealer body as they have told the Senate, Congress, and news media. Chrysler took my grandfather's store to give it to someone else. This was their plan from the very beginning. The new dealer will not pay a penny for our family's business and is planning on renting my grandfather's location. Chrysler will have their chosen man reopen the dealership on August 1, 2009. My mom says there are lots of dealers across America just like my grandfather.
Your tax money was used to help Chrysler make decisions about which dealer survived while they were in bankruptcy. Sadly, there was nothing an affected dealer like my grandfather could do. They could not appeal. They could not sell their business. They could not even sell their left over cars after June 9, 2009. Even though most people believe this is illegal, there is not even anyone to sue. There is nothing my grandfather can do.
I want you to help me get my family's Dodge franchise back. Please contact your congressman and request they co sponsor H.R. 2743. This bill will return the terminated franchises to my grandfather and almost 3000 other American dealers who had their businesses stolen. This will not cost our government any money.
Please share this with everyone you know, especially people in other states. You can click here, to find the information about how to contact your representative. We have to do it fast. My mom says if you help me we can get our dealership back.
Love, L

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