Friday, June 26, 2009

you must control your temper!

In the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, there is a scene where the candlestick and clock (I can't remember names, much less how to spell!) are telling Beast how to impress Belle...and they say at the end..."You must control your temper!!!" in unison. I'm thinking maybe I should watch that movie just to help myself relax a bit! And to remind myself that my parents raised me to "be slow to anger." That's straight out of the Bible...but, for the life of me, I can't recall if it's part of the fruits of the Spirit or the Love Chapter in 1 Corinthians. I digress...

We are still waiting on the movers and I feel like I've been controlling my temper and slow to anger both. But, it's almost gone. I told my Krewe on our message board today that my self control is evaporating in the's up to 100 today supposedly.

Please pray that this truck can get to us today, but at the latest....first thing in the morning. I SO want to be sitting on my new porch drinking coffee, dr. pepper, or as Geren suggested-a margarita! It's only in the 70s in Santa Fe today...I'm dreaming.

I've taken and downloaded some pictures...the first few are my house...what it is like to live for 4 days amidst boxes? I have no pots/pans/cups/bowls...and we have to weave in an out of the boxes to get through the house! LOL!

**I just got a call. The situation has improved. The driver that was supposed to move us got stuck in Colorado. But, they did find another one! He'll be here in the morning. Not as soon as I wanted, but better than nothing!

Yesterday was the day we met the buses for H to go to Kanakuk. I remember last year when this happened, I hadn't been blogging very long. In addition, I cried for three days. This year, it went smoothly, except that when H put his tennis shoes on yesterday, they were too little and we had to make an emergency stop at Academy sports to get new ones! Here is his new trunk that Heath painted for him! It's red and white in honor of the tribe he belongs to at Kanakuk-Cherokee! And, next is a picture of us as he's getting on the bus! I already miss him, but at least no tears, yet! We pick him up July 18!!! 4 weeks!

So, one of the advantages of still being here is that we were able to attend M's tball party. She got her very first trophy and was SUPER excited! Just look at that smile! She talked about it all night. She's watched H get many trophies and now has one all to herself! (He tends not to share his as she wanted!)

Even though this move has been a trying one, I am still so very thankful for all we have and the opportunities we've been given. Looking at my kids and knowing the things they get to do and the love they give me brings tears to my eyes!

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Good luck with the move!