Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plans Change...

So, it's Wednesday, and we are are still waiting for the moving truck to get here!!! Seriously, I'm not mad at's given me a couple of extra days for packing, etc. So now, they don't have to pack near as much as I originally thought! But, it has not helped my level of stress. I'm a planner...a trait I've gotten since being married to Heath. And, my plans are way off. I guess this is practice in flexibility! LOL! It looks like it will now be Friday the truck will be there.

But, all is pretty well in the Nay house. We went into Little Rock today to run a few errands before H leaves for kamp tomorrow. We ate lunch at Macaroni Grill, where M wrote her name for the very first time ALL ALONE! She didn't ask how to write her D or her Y, but did it all alone! So proud. Now, she did add an extra line on her N so it looks like an M, but what do you do!?!

I'm now laying in my own bed (which is an advantage of having the movers not here yet) and watching the College World Series. Love it!! I'm not really rooting for Texas, but I'm not rooting against them either. Same with LSU! I just enjoy some good college ball!

I need to get up and pack all of Hs stuff in his trunk, but am letting him play the Wii for a few before I kick him out! I also need to consider cleaning up a little. It looks so messy, but it's really not, there are just boxes everywhere!

My dad comes in the morning; we pick him up on the way to drop H at the bus. We were driving to SF together, but now it looks like he and Heath will be playing a round of golf instead!
Well, I'm off to watch some ball! I might be back tomorrow; I might not!

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sarah m said...

Hey! I've not been keeping up with my blogs like I should but am trying to catch up on reading them all.:)

Congrats on Heath finishing residency...we felt the same way you guys do. And yes, the debt is never-ending!! :) You'll love Santa Fe - my best friend and her huband moved there from New York in November and really like it. Good luck with the move!

Oh one more thing...I love all your digital stuff and have purchased quite a bit of it! I posted a picture on my blog of a project I did using the Sugar Pea kit....I have used that kit so many ways - love it! :)