Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I found it!

The good news is that I found my phone! YEAH! Sometimes I feel like God plays tricks on us. I had torn my house apart, my car apart, and my purse-even emptied it out! So, my hubby and I were loading the groceries into the van yesterday. I leaned down to get my beloved Dr. Pepper and Bam! my phone fell out of my purse! WHAT!?!?! How does that happen!?! Heath was laughing, I was astonished. I think God just needs a good laugh sometimes. And, I am a pretty easy target!

So last night, I took a break from my writing project and participated in a speed crop at Scrapmatters. It was so fun! Here is the final result of my LO. I think it turned out very well! This is of my NYC friends Tracey, Amy, and Geren (and Adam). We all worked together at McGraw-Hill and had a mighty fine time as "pod" mates! So much fun that we got the entire floor rearranged b/c we were so loud. Oops! Fun times.
TinksTrinkets_French Chocolate: background, buttons, flower. Miss Mint Painted Season: cardboard circleSaying: not labed, unknown; ChereKaye_Rachel: alpha; Sal_Sl: Frame; Fibers: Unknown, made to go with digitreats run kit (I can't find who made it)

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Anonymous said...

LOL...Hey it happens to me all of the time. Atleast you hadn't bought a new phone yet.