Monday, May 19, 2008

A Complaint?

My husband, sweet husband, came home from work this morning (he's working nights). He told me he loved my blog, but I didn't mention him enough. So, I am mentioning my wonderful husband, Heath, now! I love you Heath! You are wonderful! Thank you for my new puppy you and the kids gave me for Mother's Day! He works tonight and then is off for a couple of days! Then works from 7a to 7p on Thursday and Friday....and we have him for the entire holiday weekend! (This doesn't happen often, as he is an Emergency Medicine resident!) This is a layout i did of him and his dad. They were in Argentina climbing Mt. Agencagua...see, I know I spelled that totally wrong. Please forgive me! It was New Years, thus the party stuff! Heath wants me to do an album for him with all of his pictures. Its been two years and I guess I should get on that. I might finally be over him leaving on Christmas day and missing our anniversary! :) So, this post if for Heath! I love you honey!

Layout Materials: Backgroud paper, brad, stitching, and doodles: Weeds and Wildflowers_Showing Love; frame: Miss Mint-painted season; ribbon: BMU_SS Ribbons to go Template; mat: JS Tornbook.

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