Friday, May 30, 2008

Play Ball!!!

So, we have a game tonight, the second this week! We also had one practice rained out, but made a practice last night. Currently we are in first place, but its on the line tonight. I think we are playing the second place team! I can't keep up with it all. So, HMan is loving baseball this year! He's ended up playing first base. And, he's turning into a mighty fine one, or at least at the 6-7 year old level! No really, he does a good job! We only have a few games left this season. I can't believe its almost over. I really love watching him play! Of course, he's always been a pretty good hitter, but even that is getting better. He hit a fly ball into left field Wednesday night. And, its becoming a regular occurrence for him to get a ball into the outfield. Hopefully, he'll have a GREAT game tonight! Here is a page I did of him back in April. I did a tutorial by Misty Cato. I also scraplifted her page. The papers in the circles are made by tia bennet on 2peas. I changed the colors to match our uniforms. The 100% boy is by digitreats. Good luck tonight, HMan!!!

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