Friday, May 16, 2008

Hunter's first day of first grade.

So, I couldn't figure out how to put these pics under my other post. Oh well, maybe one day! I do want to say: I do not design anything, just use things other people have designed. These are the things I have used for this layout: Alpha: ADP_Dandilion Dreams; Ribbon: MUnderwood and Kopperhead; Stiched Frame Border (green) TCS; paper: LBA_DoodlyPP2, ElkaRomero, Rhonna Farrer; Circle Stitches-Weeds and Wildflowers. I totally want to credit those people who design everything I use (and send you to them if possible), but sometimes can't tell exactly who it is from the file. Please forgive if I've gotten something wrong! Thanks!

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Holly said...

sooo cute....i love your pages! they remind me of something my sister-in-law would do! She is so creative too....keep up the great blog!