Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Little Princess!

Hey all! I said I'd be back today to post pics of M from her costume party. Well, here are a few shots I took of her before the party! She just looks SO big! It makes me tear up a bit! Oh well...

Oh, I must say...I am so proud of Baylor! We lost in the Big 12 finals, but they played their hearts out! I know we won't be in the big dance, but the NIT is probably calling our name! I think we should be considered for the NCAAs b/c we do have a 20 win season and though our conference record isn't the best...we have some signature wins: Arizona St., Wash St., Providence, Kansas, and Texas...but nobody asks me!
Our women play today for the Big 12 Championship. They are so fun to watch, though I'm scared to do so b/c every time I do...they lose. Not good! I'm cheering them on big time though. They have an excellent chance to be a #1 seed and make a run for the title! Have a great selection Sunday!

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