Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Head on Collision

So, my son was in a head-on collision last night, but thank God not in a car! But, instead, he and the base runner collided at home plate. He didn't have his mask on, but the runner had a mask attached to his helmet. I watched my son's head fly back in slow motion, i was expecting some major blood! But, his nose didn't bleed. He does though, have an imprint of the batting helmet on his face. Heath looked at it this morning when he got home from work. He thinks H probably has a broken nose, but there is nothing to do about it, so...we just let it go! I took a picture with my iPhone this morning. You can't really see it as it's not bruised, but his nose/under the eye is pretty swollen!

I also participated in the Speed Scrap yesterday at SM. I'm not loving this layout so I might redo it, but it's okay for now.

Today, Heath and I have been working on getting the house ready to put on the market. We've worked pretty hard and have gotten a lot of things marked off the list, but still have a few more to go. I'm afraid we are going to have to paint. I can see where we touched up...gag. I hate to paint, and heath doesn't have time. Not sure what we will do. We did find a cool piece of furniture (finally) to go under the television, though we decided to take the tv off the wall and place it on the piece. (and it was a GOOD price.) I'll post pictures when we take official pics of the house. I'm really loving my house right now. Why do we wait until it's time to sell a house before we fix it up? Oh well. At least I'll have some cool stuff for the next one!
Until next time...have a fantastic day! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah...not sure if you are reading this blog, but just in case I wanted to give you a shout out! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you wore green!


Laramie said...

Hope your little guy will be OK. My son possibly broke his nose when he was two and now breaths mostly through his month. His pediatrian said he may have a deviated septem. Not much you can do. Glad he's OK.


Tracey said...

Poor dude! Of course he looks none the worse for wear. That kid is made of steel. I swear.