Friday, March 20, 2009


H's team had a scrimmage tonight...he did great! Had a HUGE hit into center field...a triple! After, they had a 45 minute practice. He was catching for the coach (and looking at him) when someone threw a ball to him (he wasn't looking at the thrower---never throw the ball when someone is not looking!)...needless to say, I hear coach say "Watch out!!!" in time to look up and see H getting nailed in the face with a ball! Seriously!?!? Twice in one week? On the same side of the face!?!? Seriously!???!?!?! Poor guy.

You can see the picture I took at the ball field as we were leaving...there is an imprint of the ball. Luckily it missed his temple. He should be fine....nothing is broken! you can even see where the stitches hit him! He's so brave. He told me on the way home that he just wanted to go home, get in bed, and watch tv. He wanted this day to end. Poor little man! I'll take a picture in the next day or so to show everyone his black eye/cheek!

Baylor Mens' Basketball play tomorrow morning at Va Tech in the NIT. They beat Georgetown on Wednesday in a nail biter! Good luck Bears! After they game, we are leaving to go to Texas. We hope to get in 2 Baylor baseball games against Texas Tech. And, Sunday night the Lady Bears (a #2 seed!) play in the Women's NCAA tourney! We have a weekend full of sports watching! (not to mention the Men's NCAA! March Madness baby!) Hope everyone has a great one! Until next time...GO BEARS!!!

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Tracey said...

Oh dude. I'm so sorry for him.