Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation Blues

I had coffee with my bff from high school last Monday night and remember her saying she had the vacation blues when she got back from Hawaii....yeah, that would be me now. I'm so sad we had to leave Charleston today! My lil sis moved there in January to be with her man...We'd never been before so we headed East for Spring Break. And, OMGoodness, had the BEST time!
On Thursday, we headed to the much fun. The kids loved it. Both of them touched a crab and a sting ray. Plus, they had a penguin exhibit, and my children thought it was hilarious every time one of the penguins "shook his bootie." M laughed and laughed at it!

Friday, we were going to head to the Children's Museum, but I wanted to stop at the beach for some know so I could scrap them. After some cute ones, they wanted to walk in the water-which was FINE. That is...until M fell and was completely soaked! (her cute new outfit was not ruined thank God!) So, we then let them play. I had to run across the street and buy a couple of beach towels; then we headed to Target to buy a couple of children elected to go play in the 60 degree water instead of the museum...hey, at least it was free! They had a blast. H befriended some teenagers (who later said he was a "cool kid"); they also taught him to sand surf. Totally fun! We were so tired when Heath's plane arrived, but managed to make it to dinner with Chris' dad/stepmom. Fun times.

Saturday, we toured historic Charleston. It's so pretty! We also shopped a bit on King's Street. (we went to the Mac store...I'm leaning more and more towards one.) Then, we ate lunch, looked at wedding venues, and headed to the outlet mall. Totally fun!

Sunday, we headed to Savannah. We met my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family for lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant. Totally fun. Savannah is also a beautiful city. We will have to go back and learn more about the history! After watching some basketball, we headed out for pizza. Yummy! Amber ordered a chicken/feta pizza that was to DIE for! Yum! After that...guitar hero! (while I packed the boys played!).

We got on a plane early this morning, so I've been up for way too long! I'm heading to bed now, but wanted to say hey to all my peeps out there! Hope you all had a great week! Tomorrow I have a list of things, one of which is design!

I've been meaning to say this, but if you've made a LO or anything else with any of my kits, I'd LOVE to see them! Just email me at hhaynay at gmail dot com! I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh, one more thing...SM has a Speed Scrap at 11 am Central on Tues, March 31! Hope to be there!!!

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Something Wilde said...

the blog looks so cute! Great vacation pics - glad you're back even if you aren't, lol!