Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in the Saddle

So, My office is looking more and more like an office instead of a stack of boxes. yippy! I've also started designing a new kit...yippy skippy! LOL!

Today I'm hosting Grand Theft LO at SM...go here to check the challenge out in the forum! We are lifting Tuttle, one of my long time Hunnies!

Here is her page I lifted:

And here is mine:

In addition, Christy is hosting a SS tomorrow morning...going to do my best to be there. I think I'm having withdrawals!
And, Erica Zane created this fabulous PP!
If you've never done this, hop on over, it's so much fun, and everyone is very helpful!


sarah m said...

The Grand Theft layout thing sounds really neat...I'll definitely go check it out!

Jarrod & Heather said...

Yea! So glad that everything is coming together & that you've started scrapping & designing again!! :) What a surprise w/ the GTL - thanks for the honor! :) I love being a part of your team!