Saturday, July 11, 2009

Speed Scrappin' Saturday night!

Heath and I worked hard on the house fact, he totally blew out his back. Poor guy. Hopefully the Advil and hot bath made it a little better! We are getting closer and closer, but still have far to go. My living room is almost there, but I totally had to start a list of "Furniture we need to buy." My LR is HUGE...and we only have a couch, trunk, rug, tv, and tv table. I need a lot more, and it will come, but it might take a long while! LOL!
Plus we worked on the office and our bed/bath. Most importantly, Heath got the cable run from the attic into our room. The cable guy couldn't run the wire down the wall b/c of liability. well, i have one talented hubby, who had done this bunches of times...and couldn't successfully do it this time! LOL! But, he did somehow manage to find a way to get cable. We watch tv each night as we go to sleep and it has been super hard not to have tv in our room. I mean, we are talking nearly 13 years of doing that!
What else? Oh, got a lot of pictures hung too. That makes all the difference in the world! So, as he rested his back tonight, I decided to speed scrap with Erica...the Queen of Scrap at SM! It was her first, and she did a fantastic job with her instructions. And, remember yesterday when I said I was dying to get some of the new releases? Well, I did it! This evening in preparation for the SS, i got WM[squared]'s newest kit: Beach Bum...I mean look at this...isn't it to die for!!!

So, I just had to use it tonight. And look at what I came up with. Love it!

Well, thanks for reading my little blog. I hope all of you have a great Sunday! I need to take M to the park tomorrow....I promised! Good night!

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Erica said...

LOVED your LO! So glad you played along.. Sounds like your house is becoming more of a home now! Doesn't unpacking suck, though? lol.