Thursday, July 9, 2009

An update...good news

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my father-in-law's Dodge dealership being taken away. You can read about it here. And, I wanted to update everyone on this b/c today we got some exciting news! HR 2743 is a bill in the House to give back the Chrysler dealerships to the dealers who rightfully own the franchises. Well, today the bill made it out of committee!!! It's going to the House floor!

My father in law, Sam is going to DC on Monday! We would be more than appreciative for anyone and everyone to contact their State Representative in favor of this bill. Essentially when Chrysler took away all of these dealerships, they broke franchise laws in every single state. If our gov't says it's okay to do this...then who else's businesses can be taken away? Please tell them you are in favor of HR 2743. You can click here, to find the information about how to contact your Representative.

Thanks in advance for anyone who does this!


Lauri said...

I enjoy your blog so much. And I truly understand your desire to support this bill. My family has owned the 5th oldest Chevrolet dealership in the US for years until my father recently sold to retire. It is a sad day when you see everything your family and friends have worked so hard for be taken away. And I am so glad you are making this known to others.

sarah m said...

That is great news! I will definitely contact my rep.

Haynay said...

Thanks for your kind words Lauri and Sarah! Lauri, it's so sad that the general public seriously doesn't understand what just happened to all of these dealers! It is just devastating! What is more sad, is that many of these dealers are 2nd and 3rd generation dealers...whose families have dedicated their lives to these companies, and these companies have absolutely no loyalty to them! It's disgusting!