Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kanakuk rocks!

I love Kanakuk. I know most of you are like huh? But, Kanakuk is a fantastic Christian Sports camp located in Missouri. My husband grew up going there and attests that it changed his life. Now, we send our son, and eventually our daughter. I'm so thankful that we are able to do it-even though the 25 days being away from H is hard. He learns so much there about God!

Tonight we went to family night at kamp. H doesn't get to come with us until the morning, but it was so amazing to see him. He probably grew an inch...i know he grew out of a pair of shoes! plus, he has a new tooth coming in. I guess only a mom would notice that! LOL! Anyway, we got to spend time exploring kamp, talking to his counselors, praising God, and laughing at the funny skits! H got the FUAGNEM award, also known as the Fired up and Going Nuts Every Minute award! People who know him are not surprised at all! I'm not sure if this is a good award or not, but his counselors said that he brought enthusiasm to every single thing they did--which I'm sure is good sometimes and bad at other times! LOL! I just can't imagine where he gets that from! (Although I'm sure my parents and Heath's parents both know!)

So, I guess I'll post some pictures of the night...I'm totally starting a Kanakuk book. I have the pictures from last year that I have made pages of...and will do the same this year. He'll treasure it at the end of his Kuk journey. Enjoy...

My little man...oh how I missed you! I LOVE YOU!

H and his counselors

M took this picture of Heath, H and I (can I just say, I love this picture of me! which doesn't happen often!)

Had to leave the shades on b/c i had tears!

Do you think they were excited to se each other! I need to look at this picture when they are fighting within the next 24 hours! ;)

My boys

H hugged Heath every two minutes for the first hour. So sweet.

the family, so happy to be together again...


Tracey said...

Welcome bak home H! Glad camp was fun!

sarah m said...

I love it - you guys are all smiling so big! So sweet. :) And I love that picture of you too - it's a good one!