Saturday, July 25, 2009

the sky is cool...

I love living in the mountains. It's always been a favorite vacay spot for Heath and I, but to actually live here is awesome. I think it's just absolutely beautiful. We just went to Baskin Robbins for dessert (where I had the YUMMY gold ribbon ice cream...a blend of vanilla and chocolate with caramel running through it!) and while we were there a rain shower came through. And, it left the sky just beautiful.

I think I'll never ever get sick of clouds, rain showers, sunsets. I think the sky is an amazing thing that God created...and we can look at it all the time knowing how cool he is. I took my picture of the day of one very amazing part of the sky tonight...this was literally 10 minutes ago, driving back to the house. (Heath was sweet enough to stop in the middle of the road for me!)

I mean seriously, how COOL is that?!?!?!? It leaves me in awe of our Creator!

I have nothing else to say really, sorry if this bored you, I just HAD to get this picture out there! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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sarah m said...

WOW - amazing picture!!