Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Composition Notebook gone Hybrid!

As you know, it's back to school time! Some of your kids have already started, and some are yet to start! (We go back next Wednesday.) In preparation for school, we went supply shopping. This is my favorite time to shop b/c the deals are awesome! When else can you get Crayola Crayons -a 24 pack- for a quarter! Hello! Thank you Target! Anyway, I came across these Composition Notebooks for $0.50 a piece, so of course, I picked a few up. When H saw them, he asked if he could decorate the outside of one. YES! Let me help! Here is our final product:

As it was printing, I decided that I could write a quick and easy tutorial for you guys. You could do these for school, for a first day of school teacher's gift, or just to have fun.

1. We got on the computer and designed the front and back covers. (Create the covers at 7" x 9 3/4"--thank you Kari!) He picked everything out, we changed the design several times! At first he wanted no picture, then he wanted one, etc. He couldn't decide between a sports theme or not,etc. We finally settled on using this pic of one of his best friends from Arkansas--using "A Stone's Throw" And "Home Run Derby." Here is what it looked like in Photoshop.

2. After printing, cut down the covers with a paper cutter.

3. my supplies: (not sure why, but Blogger keeps rotating the picture and I can't fix it.)

4. Attach the front cover with adhesive. I also used glue dots to secure it more.

5. Use a bone folder to smooth out the wrinkles.

6. Use a craft knife to cut the extra paper.

7. File the edges...make sure you file down toward the notebook and not up toward the paper or the paper will lift.

8. Ink the edges to give a finished look.

9. Here you go!

10. And, the happy recipient! (also the photographer for the tutorial!)

Hope you all have a great "Back to School" experience! Enjoy and have fun!


sarah m said...

That is so cute...I love it! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

SunnySavannah said...

Thanks for the awesome tut! And Thanks H, for the awesome pics!

Kari said...

Awesome tutorial, Heather!! Turned out SO cute :)

kanabanana said...

I love the composition book! Great idea for even a teacher gift!

Cristina said...

Great tutorial, Heather! I really love how the notebook turned out! Good job, both of you! :)

Tracey said...

You are totally kidding me, Heather. That is fabulous. You are so talented, girl.