Monday, August 31, 2009

First Days of School

It's been a few days since I posted, but I've been SUPER busy! My little sister came in last Monday to take care of my kids while I traveled to Phoenix to participate in Creative Escapes! And, OMGoodness was it fantastic...but more on that at another time.
H started 3rd grade last Wednesday!! I just can't believe he's in the 3rd grade! And, as always, I had to take some pictures of him...but can I tell you something disturbing? I swear I was the only mom at his school with a camera! What the heck! But, I didn't let it stop me, I still took pictures!

And here he is with our traditional picture of him leaving the house with his backpack on...

and then at his desk:

Today was M's first day of PreK! She's attending a super school and is every excited about it! So, I also took her picture leaving the house.

Here is one with her teacher!

Let me tell you, I came home and totally took a nap. I'd love another one now, but need to make sure H's homework gets done, the kids practice their instruments, and get a kit finished that I have coming out on Friday! So long...I'll be back with some fun stuff!!!

Oh, and I forgot, today is Manic Monday, don't forget! I have my Fall Splendor collection on for HALF off! What a deal!

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