Saturday, August 22, 2009

Give Away Mania has hit Haynay Designs!

I told you it was Give Away Mania time! The Hunnies all have various RAKS (random acts of kindness) going on, and now it's my turn to get in the game! And, I MEAN game! I have a little thing called the "Name that Kit" game, and here is how it goes:

1. look at the image below.
2. go to my store...find the product/kit that is represented in each square.
3. Email me your list 1.-16. with the corresponding product name. (my email is hhaynay at Subject name "Name that Kit."
4. Your email MUST be to me by Sunday , Aug. 23 at 5:00 pm Mountain time.
5. I will randomly pick a winner among all the correct emails and post here tomorrow night!

Oh, do you want to know what you're playing for? A GC to my ENTIRE store! Yes, you read it right, you could win everything in my store!!!! WOO Hoo!

Okay, here is the image/game board. Here is the link to my store! Good Luck! oh, and HAVE FUN!?!?!?

(And, I'd love for everyone to join me for the Speed Scrap this afternoon at 4 pm Easter, 3 pm Central, 2 pm Mountain, and 1 pm Pacific. It will be TONS of fun! )


megh said...

thanks! that was fun!

Melissa said...

So FUN!! Thanks for a great game, that was fun to play and look through your store.

Robin said...

That was fun!

sarah m said...

Ahh....sooo exciting!!! This will be fun!!

avtrgirl said...

you work is amazing! I'm glad I found your blog today. that hunt was fun

Li said...

Fun! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

Bethany said...

thanks!!Cute kits!!