Friday, September 11, 2009

Kids have gone Back To School

Today is a somber day here in the US. It has been for 8 years. As I listened to the news while driving from dropping my kids off at school, I remembered where I was on 9-11. I was still teaching 2nd grade and was on my planning period, talking to my Instructional Facilitator. The radio was on and programming was interrupted. We quickly went to the Teacher's Lounge to turn on the tv. We watched the second plane hit the building, in shock. My son was about to turn 1 on the 16th, and all I could think of was how thankful I was that he was safe. I cannot imagine the hurt and tragedy that loved ones experienced, and I do think of them today and send a prayer their way. Where were you?

I couldn't have a post today without mentioning 9-11, but I also know, as a former resident of NYC, life does move on. We have family that we love, friends that we cherish, and kids that have started school in the past couple of weeks.

9-11 is also a New Release Friday at Scrapmatters. Today, I want to show you my newest product: "Back To School" Journal Boxes. There are tons of possibilities with this fun element! It is a great way to chronicle your child returning to or starting school!

Here is something I did with them using Kamping Rocks, A Stone's Throw, and Pebbles and Butterflies:

As I said, life goes on. On 9-11-2002, one year later, my friend Tracey, had her baby girl. So, today is A's birthday. As a little tribute to her...I made this page of her. This is her first day of school with her new teacher--I left off the teacher's name since I don't know her and don't have permission to use it. (Isn't A adorable!?!?!) (Pebbles and Butterflies; template by Sya's Blueprints)

And, the Hunnies also made a few layouts.





These journal boxes really are versatile! So many possibilities, and not just for back to school either! Go grab them at my store! And, don't forget to look at the other wonderful new releases! Here is a page I did with Jenn Barrett's new "Autumn Blush" and Andilynn's new "I Love" template set!

And now, I have a few show offs to reveal!

Each person who sent in a Show Off will receive my "Back to School" Journal Boxes as a gift!

If you have used any of my stuff--any little thing, even a freebie! Send me the image or a link to your page at hhaynay at gmail dot com! I'd love to have YOU as a show off next week!!! All Show Offs are due by Thursday night!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and a great weekend! See you next time!

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Kelseyll =) said...

I was also teaching on 9/11 and briefly heard it on the radio as I was driving to school but didn't realize the magnitude until I saw it on TV there. Being 3 hours behind NYC time it all had taken place before our first period began and was the focus of all staff and students. It was such a quiet day as we all were just shocked something like that had really happened and was not just a movie trailer.

This was such a busy week and I didn't even get a chance to send you a I'm kicking myself because I love your new journal boxes! into the wish list they go! =)