Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seriously? How can he be 9????

Today is my little boy's birthday. I mean, he's not that little anymore, but he's still my little man! Question: if and when it's one of my kids' birthdays, will I always think...oh at about this time, I was on my way to the hospital. Oh, this was the time that my dad came by the hospital before he went to the Baylor football game. Or, oh, this is when Dr. Moore told me you were stuck and we had to have an emergency c-section...and here, at 9:36 pm (Central) is when you were born! Will it always be that way? I find that every birthday of H or M, this is how I go through my day.
Like I said, H got stuck...he decided to try to see the outside world before he actually made it, and when baby's do that, well, they get stuck, no way, no how will they be born naturally. So, off I went to have a c-section! And, here is a picture of H the next morning...seriously, we called this our prize fighter picture. He just looked so banged up! He recovered quickly though.

And, look at my handsome guy now!

Happy Birthday H....I Love You!!!


Tracey said...

Oh my stars! He was banged up at birth!

Lulutoo said...

Oh the poor thing--isn't that something how much more resilient babies really are than we think? Glad he's doing great now!

Kelseyll =) said...

Wow, now that IS a prize fighter pic! Poor little guy. He sure is a cutie...then and now! I have to say will always relive your day because you already are and it will be your bday tradition. I can be so confident in this because my Mom still does it with ME! It has always been a bday ritual that she would tell me the whole story of how my birth happened.......that my Dad was stationed in Germany and in a meeting in which he informed them if his wife called that he would take that call. How my Grandma was there with my Mom and thankfully was a nurse. How my Mom wanted to wash her hair that morning but my Grandma told her she shouldn't since she was going to have a baby that my Mom didn't believe her! LOL How right after that the pain moved from her back to her front and they couldn't get a hold of my Dad. How when they finally did he was yelling "Crankenhouse" (spelling??" out the window which means hospital. How the nurse there took one look at my Mom and said the baby is coming NOW!! How the first words I ever heard anyone say was, "Are you praying, honey?" because my hands were folded when I was delivered.

As a kid I was like, "MOOO-oooom, not again!" As a teen I was like, "yeah, yeah and then Dad yelled out the window, yada yada yada". Now as adult I love to hear her relive it because now I see how much that moment meant to her. I want to hear it for a long time to come as one day I will not hear my Mom ever tell me that story again and I will really miss it then. My birthday will not be the same so I'm enjoying it now.

So, YES! Relive it and tell your kids on their birthday every detail about the most precious first few moments of their life because they WILL remember for the rest of it! =) I'm in tears now, but happy ones! =)