Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creative Escape...awesome

As I mentioned Monday, I went to Creative Escape this year. It was the first year I've been able to go even though I've been trying for several years to get there! And, it was awesome! I went with Holly and Molly (my SIL and MIL). My favorite thing about hanging with these two is that we laugh. I'm talking burn calories, evoke asthma attacks laugh. In fact, we were laughing so hard Friday night (while in the pool) that Molly fell off the step she was sitting on...but she totally managed to save her Pina Colada! That was what was really important right?
Holly and I

Holly and Molly

Anyway, there was one thing that really hit home this weekend...and that was what Heidi Swapp said in her Friday night is my responsibility to record what happens with my family-the first time when special and/or every day things happen. We all do that in so many ways. One, we blog or even journal. Two, some of us scrapbook, or even put pictures in an album. Some people might scrap with papers, and others through digital means. I just so happen to do both...both make me happy. Both are my creative outlet. I find that digital scrapping is fun. I'm part of an awesome community in Scrapmatters that I am involved in one way or another every day. I love it. Plus, it's a very fast way for me to record what is happening or what has happened in my life.

But, I am also a paper scrapper. I began scrapping right after Heath and I married...and Oh, wow, those first pages are awful! So bad, that I'm totally never sharing. In fact, my first scrapbook was of our honeymoon. too fun. I still look back at it and smile b/c it was such a fun time! My style has developed over the years. I remember in 2000 or 2001 I told Holly that I would NEVER use a ribbon on a page...ha! too funny b/c I rarely scrap a page or an album without multiple ribbons! ha ha!

Anyway, all of that so say, I've been dabbling more and more into the hybrid side of scrapping. Here is a recent project that I did for CE...I made an apron and cup for Holly, Molly, and myself using my "Wild Princess" kit..and they were super cute...and the aprons kept us clean while we made our projects at CE!

Here I am with my cup during a class. See the "trash tie" by Heather Bailey in my hair? I won those on Friday! Too cute!

As I was at CE, and doing all of this hands on scrapping, I came to the realization, that I'll NEVER be a totally digital scrapper. I love the putting things together too much. I think digital will always be around, I am striving more and more to mix the two mediums...after all, it is SO ME to do both and mix them. So, be on the look out for all of it: digital, hybrid, AND paper!

Now, on to share some of the projects that I did this weekend. Only one is complete and I've even found the perfect place for it in my office. I LOVE it! These pictures do not represent all of the projects, just the ones that were most put together. This is how I want to scrap. I want to make little albums, wall art, fun stuff with both digi and paper stuff! How fun is this stuff!?!?

This luggage album was made during Tim Holtz's class. Doesn't it just scream "Heather! Go to Italy so you can put pictures in me!"

This cute little book was made in Heather Bailey's class. It's super cute and just needs some pictures of M to go in it!

Here is the book we made with Debby Schuh. It's SO CUTE! She intended it to be a memory journal of CE, but I'll put pics of M in it...but, it is awesome!

And how cute is Heidi Swapp's project! This is just the outside! If you open it up, there are all sorts of pockets and envelopes to stash pictures. To die for!!!!

And, the project that is complete and up in my office is this fantastic frame/collage! Debbie Crouse and Paula Cheney taught this class. I love it!

Thanks for reading...I'll be back in the next day or two to show you more pictures...Holly still needs to email me! Plus, I have a new kit out of Friday! Later...


sarah m said...

Oh my gosh, looks like so much fun!! I LOVE all the projects, and the aprons & cups you made are SO cute!! :)

Kelseyll =) said...

What a fun time!! Heidi, now that pulled me back to paper scrappin' days!!! Let's many zillions of things did I buy of hers! LOL =) Love all the project pics you posted!! You GO girl!! =)